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Thanks for playing! It is possible to win but definitely not easy and the information you need to think strategically is unfortunately not really available to the player. I was going for conveying a certain attitude to AI more than a fun strategy game, but I ran into some constraints from the time limit that made the strategic elements even less accessible.

Thanks for providing a good an excuse to make games!

Thanks for the suggestions! I intentionally set it to a fast pace to give players the sense of being overwhelmed. I wanted to produce a oh-sh$$-what-just-happened moment the first time you play.  Ultimately, making the mice happy requires getting a good feeding rhythm going, and the pace keeps it challenging. You're definitely right that the sound is flawed. It was a last minute addition and the first time I've ever put sound on a website, so I didn't think it through properly.

I think this is a really neat idea for a game. It feels ambitious from a design perspective, so kudos on trying to do it in a week! It is also probably a bit hard to understand for someone without a primer in modal logic, but it could also be very useful to someone just starting out. Well done!

If you continue developing this, I have two suggestions. 1) The connection mechanism felt a bit clunky. If possible, a click-and-drag or a click-to-open-dropdown mechanism would be more intuitive. 2) A sandbox mode would be nice, i.e. something where you could construct your own sets of worlds and it would spit out facts about them, or where you could ask place the connections and ask it whether a claim was true. 

Neat idea for a game!