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Hey! I found your game very fun and refreshing, they are some problems with the AI(randomly gets stuck) and the flashlight depending on the angle it's either too bright or not enough

Sweet and short experience, I liked it!

hi, I loved the game but wow that red keycard was hard to find, I didin't find monster really op, if you keep running/strafing it's easy to ddoge them. I do hope you'll release another with more monster because this was fun !

This is incredible, I loved every single of it! there is however a bug in the foutain where you can climb and peach will never be able to reach you. Fantastc work I hope you'll release the full game soon

Absolutely fantastic game, you've nailed the vhs style perfectly, it's dark,blurry and fit perfectly! the only problem i've faced is the collision system, getting sometimes stuck on rock or dead body was a bit annoying but again this was such a blast to play

This was fun but a bit dark

I look forward to the full game, this is a well done demo

As usual this was fun to play

You really never disappoint with Toree, such a fun game and I loved the different maps you added

very odd game but I did like the graphic

I loved it, a good fatal frame vibe, a nice and easy going and graphic are just top notch

That was an unexpected weapon for sure, i really liked it, you should have added puzzle involving the violin!

incredible work, you should consider making this a full game

hey, very interesting game, a nice plot twist at the end and I think you should expand on it, like a flashback and we see what happens,otherwise I loved it!

very silent hill like, my only regret is it was a bit too short

the art was truly creepy and I quite like it

Incredible, the design and execution was perfect

to be honest I completely forgot about running :D, i'm hoping you'll do another game like this

Hey there, I loved it althought it was hard to navigate at first and the final boss was super hard, it bugged at the end I think, you had also a few spelling error but otherwise good game

I expected so many jumpscare but it was a pleasant surprise, good job

Very very short and I didin't really like the sound at the end but funny nonetheless 

The animation are so good and the general ambiance was on point, hopefully you do an resident evil like door opening too ! 

Hey, i've got around to try your game, and I must say the concept is simple but very nice, it's refreshing and I hope you continue it!

Amazing, this is like a crossover with licius without power.. yet?! 

Incredible, you managed to make an even darker resident evil 7, I felt okay at the beginning but at the end I was so scared something would scare me that I couldn't even open a box lol. I had some trouble clicking on the box in a locker(the second part) and everytime you save you have to pick up the watch is this intended?  I choose english but they were still some untranslated stuff (the save system) but overall this is by far the greatest demo i've played, good job ! 

Just like the previous game, it's fantastic, I found the camera a bit annoying to work with but otherwise I loved it. I think the ice level needs to be harder but a part from that great job !

i've been looking forward for your next game, the ramen one was so funny

oh I didin't see it was endless, yes I was on fullscreen

It was a fun demo, i wonder how the game will turn out

I gave it a try, it feels empty without some background sound, the hitbox are huge and I feel the game is too easy, I could not however find the end of the game 

Well done, I didin't feel safe the whole time

It's a very good demo, but in the stairs you sometime get stuck because of the trophy thing, i'm surprised by the quality of the art, good job!

Amazing resident evil 7 vibe, I found the gun a bit weird to handle but the graphism was on point, puzzle wise, I like how it's presented, the monster were interesting but the one with the gun was super annoying and I like it

I did, I like games that plays with your mind rather than use monster to scare you

It was short but very sastifying! good  work

I went back and saw it :D

Ngl it was hard to understand at first but I think I did it

I loved it but I wish the dino movement was move random instead of moving in a line

The voice acting was on point and that ending was a nice plot twist