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They put the base model as “Pony” which is not a standard base model (SD 1.5, SDXL etc). Not quite sure how we should handle that tbh

Make sure it doesn’t have an alpha channel

I’ll take a look

This is now possible!

This is currently not possible as it’s a fairly complex interaction. We are considering making it possible in the future.

  • The Igorri and Gargamox Thralls do not have the “Thrall” trait. Is that a misprint (i.e. should we follow the normal rules for thralls of 2 units/activations per etc?)

  • If a 2x2 unit is partially on elevation. Does it count as being on elevation or not?

Where can we send feedback and about issues in the pdf or rules questions?

I have started a Lemmy community about Magnagothica. Come over and post your warbands, playlists and fanart!

You mean checkpoints?

Can you share a screenshot and your resolution?

Can you check if this guide allows you to run it?

If anyone with apple knows what is causing this I’d appreciate it, but I don’t have an apple machine to develop with.

You can run on the browser but it cannot save images. If you want to run on the browser as your main client, I suggest

Unfortunately I do not have a mac machine for development, so I cannot really test if the export is working well.

Is this the mac client?

LoRa are now supported

Interesting. either finally fixed their firefox incompatibility, or there’s some change in Ff or linux compared to windows. I can confirm it works on my own linux box atm

Hey there, this is not supported in the AI Horde at the moment, but we’re working hard to add it soon

I don’t know if Godot supports this to be honest.

I’ll try to see what I can do. As I am also the main developer of the AI Horde, it’s difficult to find time to improve this client as much as I’d like to.

Also, if you find a worker which is misbehaving, please let us know.

I’m not sure what you’re doing. It works for me. Try again, or try a different image?

This typically tends to happen if you have flaky internet. Does it always happen for you?

Can you try the local version instead of the online demo? In the browser version you cannot save images anyway

Hm, I could make this an option

If you’re registered, you can request any resolution you want, but you need to accumulate enough kudos to be able to consume them upfront

Have fun!

Sorry, fixed now

It could be that your OS is blocking you. Try to use the browse button to store in a different location.

Img2img is planned to be onboarded.

For seamless save, you want something like an autosave?

Absolutely! Like many other things it’s on my to-do, but if anyone wants to jump in to help with it, I’d appreciate it.

Hm, I can’t replicate this on my end :-/ In my tests, it always sees both cards. If it happens again, please check if there’s something in the logs

It will open automatically when you start the game. It will be a black terminal window (in windows)

Thanks. Opened bug:

I’ve seen it once myself, but couldn’t replicate it. Thought it was a fluke but maybe not. Opened:

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The Dream Fragment is not normal behaviour, so it looks like a bug: Opened

Generally when you see a bug like this again, would it be possible to send me the current output of your debug console as well? If you’re playing through the app it will not appear, so you will have to download the executable and run it manually.

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Thanks for the bug reports. Just FYI, the better location to open bug reports is on github, but it’s not mandatory if you don’t want to make an account, I can work with the ones here as well:

I’ll follow up on the ones reported here. Cheers!

Thank you! Spread the word :D

Hey there thanks for the feedback. I am painfully aware that the UI is very bad at the moment. However I am not a frontend person and I have no skill to improve on this. I am hoping to onboard someone who can help me out.

Yes, this is very clearly inspired from StS, much like the whole genre StS spawned, I don’t try to hide this fact :) As a solodev, I am aiming for something I can implement on my own in a reasonable amount of time, as such I cam lifting mechanics from StS when relevant and adding my own twists to the genre. The main difference from StS is the infinitely expandable card-pool and combination therein without watering down any particular mechanic. That and the overall theme.

Just a clarification the game is not even in alpha. This an unfinished open source game in active development.