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Daniel Clute

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Thank you *anonymous user*, I'm glad you liked it!

Hey all!

I think I'm about to finish up my project, but I'd like to know where everyone else is at?

Hope everyone is doing well!

Its very good, but I'd like to see updated physics in the sequel?

Appreciate it! The letters were b/c of a lack of time... Oh well! glad you got through!

I think this is my favorite game in the jam! Very good!

I quite enjoyed that!

Very nice aesthetic!

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Thanks for the response! As far as the frame rate, I know it looks as though he has shadow frames due to the low resolution... If not that, thats a problem that I didn't know about.. I am aware of the restart and quitting bug, but couldn't fix it because I ran out of time with the jam! (Actually I had to get to work on a school project :P) I actually really like the idea of changing varying the turn speed, if I ever bring this concept back, I may use that!

Thanks! Really had fun. 10/10 would Pizza Jam again!

P.S. I played a few of you're games and was very impressed with you're game design! Very original stuff, keep up what you're doing!

Yah! This is my first too! I realized about half way through that my scope way out of proportion... Lol, making games takes time