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Daniel Moreno

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Nice! This is extremely polished, it totally amazes me. Menus and overall have a real Game Boy feel, and gameplay-wise, this is quite nice, a good arcade game. Good job!

Thanks! Yes, he did an amazing work with the music :) Glad you like the result :D

Can you try installing DirectX through this link?

Muchísimas gracias, Munguía :) Me alegra que te haya gustado.

PD: Te recuerdo de la ComunidadGM!

Mmm, keys are alright for me, but I guess it depends on the person. Thanks for playing, and glad you like it! :)

Thank you for playing and commenting! :)
About the levels: yes, I wanted to add some kind of checkpoints but I didn't have enough time, so I ended making shorter levels, so it wouldn't be so frustrating to start over. But you're completely right, levels are still a bit frustrating if you have to start over.

Thanks! you weren't that rude, I must say, rudeboy, hah :D

Yup, didn't have enough time to fix timing on some things, like the elevator. Thanks! Glad you like the game :)

Thanks! Glad you like the level design, it was quite difficult to me to do it.

Thanks! I want to add controller support on a post-jam version :)

Nice game! I must agree with the others about the colors, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the elements, I wasn't able to see the button at the first room at first. But anyways, I like the mechanic and you made some cool puzzles with it, and it has a lot of content, so congratulations!

Cool game! I like the mechanic, it works really well.

As feedback, the first level could be a bit easier for the player to get the hang of the mechanic easily. And some music and sfx would make the game even better.

But overall, a really nice looking and fun game!

I have another similar website. VGMuseum has some screenshots of a lot of Game Boy games, if it helps for inspiration:

Not yet, but we're going to work on keyboard controls soon. We will be updating the game so stay tuned! :)

Hey! Did you try the new version we uploaded some hours ago? Looks like it worked for some people who had the same problem.

If it keeps showing a black screen, try to alt+enter to play on windowed mode. It will work while we try to fix it.

We've thought about it, but we are not really sure of working on it or not. We want to work on a single-player mode first (and a cooperative mode too) before we go mad with multiplayer online.

We've used DS4Windows with this game and it works like a charm!

Anyhow, the game supports other controllers, not only xbox ones. If your PC recognises your PS4 controller as a gamepad, it should work on the game, too.

Hi! As far as I know, there's no way to make an XP compatible build. The game is made with Game Maker and it doesn't support XP anymore.
We are going to work on editable controls, yes! The game is still on a beta version but we're planning a lot of things, and these include editable controls and keyboard controls too.