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Thanks for the video! :)

On Mac, you need third-party permissions to run the game. Please, read the install instructions, there's a link with info.

Thanks for the video!

No, it is not! But you have to think a bit outside of the box :-)

Are you opening it from the Downloads folder? If that's the case, try to move the game somewhere else.

As I said, you need third-party apps permissions. Please, take a look at the link I gave you. Or this one, as it is updated (but it is the same thing):

I use a Mac too, and that's a common thing about downloaded games.

It isn't, but you need permissions to run third party apps. Take a look at this:

Thanks for the feedback! It is a bug indeed, with the browser version. I'll upload a new version as soon as I fix it.

Thanks for playing! And glad you like the game.

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Oops, looks like it is a bug, yes! Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to fix it and upload a bugfix version.

EDIT: Fixed now!

Thanks! :)

If I remember correctly, right clicking cancel the actual build.

Thanks! :-)

Thanks! Yep, the controls can become a bit frustrating, I guess. I would like to tweak the movement a bit on a postjam version.

Thanks! :) I spent some time tweaking the animations to feel good, so I'm glad it worked.

Haha, I guess it is a quite common name.

Hey, thanks for the video! It's nice to see someone else playing the game. You even clear some levels in a different way that I planned, haha.

Thanks solroo! Yep, maybe I went too far with the platforming physics. I kind of like it that way but they can be frustrating as you say. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Glad you like it :-)

Thanks! I made those squash sfx recording myself, had some fun doing it, haha. Glad you like it!

Thanks! Glad you like the game :)

One of the rules is "You can only use assets (art and music) that you make!" so I guess you need to make your own sounds. You could also look for a sound designer to work with (there are several ones looking for a team on Discord).

If you want to make your own sfx, you could try some simple generators like Sfxr, Bfxr or Chiptone.

¡Gracias! :-) ¿Con qué mando lo probaste?
Es posible que haya errores. Yo lo he testeado con un mando de Xbox y otro de PS4 y funciona bien, pero con otros puede que dé problemas.

Thanks for the kind words! :-)

Yup, I made some tricks here and there so the gameplay was not so harsh. I wanted it to be difficult but not unfair.
I want to make a post-jam version with some minor changes and gamepad support :-)

Thanks Pencil! Good to hear that the level design was right, I didn't have enough time to work on it and I was afraid it could be a bit repetitive, heh.

Thanks for the kind comments! :-)
I was not trying that hard to follow GB restrictions, but I wanted to try my hand at developing some details like the fade-in and out with only changing colors.

And yup, you're not the first one to comment about the jump. You're totally right, I want to change that on a post-jam version I want to make, with some more changes to the game.

Good concept! It would be cool if it was a bit more than a prototype, but I get that the time for development was a bit tight, so good work on here :-)

Yeah! I can finally play this :D
Excellent work on visuals, but I would like to see more effects as visual feedback. Good work on the UI too, it is not easy to show that much info in such a tiny screen.

This just blew my mind. Excellent visuals, and very polished game. I had no trouble with slowdowns, by the way.

Thanks! :-)

Thanks! Good to know that the game has gameboy vibes :-)

Thanks! You even completed the game, wow. Not an easy task, haha. Glad you like it :-)

De mis favoritos de la jam, sin duda, ¡buen trabajo! :)
Un juego muy divertido, bien cerrado, y con unos efectos visuales muy chulos.

Thanks! And I'm afraid that I can't help you, I made the game with Game Maker.

Nice! This is extremely polished, it totally amazes me. Menus and overall have a real Game Boy feel, and gameplay-wise, this is quite nice, a good arcade game. Good job!

Thanks! Yes, he did an amazing work with the music :) Glad you like the result :D

Can you try installing DirectX through this link?

Muchísimas gracias, Munguía :) Me alegra que te haya gustado.

PD: Te recuerdo de la ComunidadGM!

Mmm, keys are alright for me, but I guess it depends on the person. Thanks for playing, and glad you like it! :)

Thank you for playing and commenting! :)
About the levels: yes, I wanted to add some kind of checkpoints but I didn't have enough time, so I ended making shorter levels, so it wouldn't be so frustrating to start over. But you're completely right, levels are still a bit frustrating if you have to start over.