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Thanks Antoine! Glad you like it :-)

Loved it! Kinda gave me the same feeling as when I played "Lyle in Cube Sector" a lot of years ago, which is a good thing. Superb game feel and level design.

Game Maker :-)

Thanks! Means a lot coming from you, love your games! 🙌

You clicked out of the game and "highlighted" it as it was text. Just highlight any other thing and click again on the game, that should fix it.

Thanks for the video @GameBinge!

It went quite crazy when I tried the classic Sonic loop, haha. Cool! "Space" to start wasn't working for me at first, maybe it's better to set another key that is not bind to anything.

Push the box to the top, to the point where you are on the screenshot. Jump on top of the box to be able to reach the door.

You need the box at the bottom of the level to be able to reach the door. Avoid destroying it.

Dammit Apple :( thanks for the fix. I'm publishing all my games on web from now on, maintaining different OS versions takes so much time and effort, and I can't do that with my resources.

Thanks for the video! :)

On Mac, you need third-party permissions to run the game. Please, read the install instructions, there's a link with info.

Thanks for the video!

No, it is not! But you have to think a bit outside of the box :-)

Are you opening it from the Downloads folder? If that's the case, try to move the game somewhere else.

As I said, you need third-party apps permissions. Please, take a look at the link I gave you. Or this one, as it is updated (but it is the same thing):

I use a Mac too, and that's a common thing about downloaded games.

It isn't, but you need permissions to run third party apps. Take a look at this:

Thanks for the feedback! It is a bug indeed, with the browser version. I'll upload a new version as soon as I fix it.

Thanks for playing! And glad you like the game.

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Oops, looks like it is a bug, yes! Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to fix it and upload a bugfix version.

EDIT: Fixed now!

Thanks! :)

If I remember correctly, right clicking cancel the actual build.

Thanks! :-)

Thanks! Yep, the controls can become a bit frustrating, I guess. I would like to tweak the movement a bit on a postjam version.

Thanks! :) I spent some time tweaking the animations to feel good, so I'm glad it worked.

Haha, I guess it is a quite common name.

Hey, thanks for the video! It's nice to see someone else playing the game. You even clear some levels in a different way that I planned, haha.

Thanks solroo! Yep, maybe I went too far with the platforming physics. I kind of like it that way but they can be frustrating as you say. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Glad you like it :-)

Thanks! I made those squash sfx recording myself, had some fun doing it, haha. Glad you like it!

Thanks! Glad you like the game :)

One of the rules is "You can only use assets (art and music) that you make!" so I guess you need to make your own sounds. You could also look for a sound designer to work with (there are several ones looking for a team on Discord).

If you want to make your own sfx, you could try some simple generators like Sfxr, Bfxr or Chiptone.

¡Gracias! :-) ¿Con qué mando lo probaste?
Es posible que haya errores. Yo lo he testeado con un mando de Xbox y otro de PS4 y funciona bien, pero con otros puede que dé problemas.

Thanks for the kind words! :-)

Yup, I made some tricks here and there so the gameplay was not so harsh. I wanted it to be difficult but not unfair.
I want to make a post-jam version with some minor changes and gamepad support :-)

Thanks Pencil! Good to hear that the level design was right, I didn't have enough time to work on it and I was afraid it could be a bit repetitive, heh.

Thanks for the kind comments! :-)
I was not trying that hard to follow GB restrictions, but I wanted to try my hand at developing some details like the fade-in and out with only changing colors.

And yup, you're not the first one to comment about the jump. You're totally right, I want to change that on a post-jam version I want to make, with some more changes to the game.

Good concept! It would be cool if it was a bit more than a prototype, but I get that the time for development was a bit tight, so good work on here :-)

Yeah! I can finally play this :D
Excellent work on visuals, but I would like to see more effects as visual feedback. Good work on the UI too, it is not easy to show that much info in such a tiny screen.

This just blew my mind. Excellent visuals, and very polished game. I had no trouble with slowdowns, by the way.

Thanks! :-)