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Davis G. See

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It's ongoing! Still planning to release by the end of the year, with a demo coming this summer.

Thank you for your kind words!

That's a huge compliment, thank you! I don't know what we're doing for music yet, but I'll absolutely keep you in mind.

Undone is a ~50,000-word Twine text adventure about time travel, being gay, and the nature of agency in a world where it feels like nothing you do matters. You are a young gay professional stuck in a mind-numbing office job until the day your office is attacked by a force from another planet, called Gatz. Their power is mysterious and overwhelming, and for some reason they are hunting you. That means it's up to you to join up with the rebel forces that are working hard to save Earth from tyranny. 

Undone has something for you whether you like sci-fi epics or just want to flirt with cute boys. And with multiple endings, alternate paths, and hidden details, it's great for repeat playthroughs!

I've released a couple of smaller games, but this is my first project on this scale, so I truly appreciate anyone who shows even a little interest, and I would love to answer any questions anyone might have about it, here or on Twitter


Davis G. See

Hey, thanks, I'm glad you like it! For this game in particular, the main thing I would want help with is art of the hot guys. I appreciate the offer though, and good luck with your own games! The world needs more queer IF.

It seems like this is something that happens with Ink stories online sometimes, but it's rare and I'm not sure why it happens. For now I would try using a different browser. Sorry about that!