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This game is amazing, I love it. Cott is so cute. Waiting for more :)

That's amazing!!!

Happy new year, Ryu! Waiting for the early access

Waiting for the walkthrough. I already got all the archivements, but maybe I missed something


Can't wait to see


The hj scene of Rex is so hot. I wonder if we will have more of him in the future.

I appreciate your hard work on this project. Thank you Ryu!

Oh i see

The CGs in the end when Frank or Karl are suspects will be in the Look Back mode?

I tested the v0.8 and the problem keeps happening. I found out that the bug happened with a triple click on touchpad above the arrow to turn the clue, the color of the arrow keeps white even when the mouse is out of it(indicating that not there's interaction). I tested using a mouse USB and seems work perfectly, so the bug seems happens with the touchpad(maybe because the scroll tool coupled). But it don't seems a big problem and it's very specific.

I tried play the game in my android, but when a choose a new game, after the load screen, the game closed. Maybe it don't work with my android, I used the Galaxy J4.

You are welcome and I am happy to help you! :)

Yes! It's happend to me in the v0.7 and in the versions bellow that.

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It's happend to me too. I think it's a bug. To solve this try save the game and then load the game. That's should works.

Ps.: I Love  this game too!

Hey bro, I love this game! Could you check the public version 1.03 for PC? I think that's version is not starting at the beginning of the game's story. Or would that be intentional?