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It's happend to me too. I think it's a bug. To solve this try save the game and then load the game. That's should works.

Ps.: I Love  this game too!

Hi Davins! thanks you to like this game. :)
May I ask which version you play with?


Yes! It's happend to me in the v0.7 and in the versions bellow that.

I don't know what happens, because it is work correctly in my windows and mac... :(

can you download the v0.8 and try again? I'll release iOs version around the end of this month,
maybe then you can try the mobile version then?

thanks for tell me this, This uncommon problem is the hardest to pinpoint, but I'll do my best.
If I can't figure out the cause, then I'll change the investigation interface and flow of the clues in
the final version to avoid the problem altogether.

Thanks for your report and feedback gain! :)

I tested the v0.8 and the problem keeps happening. I found out that the bug happened with a triple click on touchpad above the arrow to turn the clue, the color of the arrow keeps white even when the mouse is out of it(indicating that not there's interaction). I tested using a mouse USB and seems work perfectly, so the bug seems happens with the touchpad(maybe because the scroll tool coupled). But it don't seems a big problem and it's very specific.

I tried play the game in my android, but when a choose a new game, after the load screen, the game closed. Maybe it don't work with my android, I used the Galaxy J4.

You are welcome and I am happy to help you! :)