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I love the brush selection! Changing the brush graphic on mouse move(?) was a little confusing at first, but demonstrates what to expect from the brush well

Thanks for giving it a go! Looks like Firefox doesn’t support that API for saving and loading files 🤔 It’s a shame that you didn’t get any of the distractions though!

Nice one! I love the aesthetic

What a fantastic looking game! Such a well executed concept given the restrictions

This was a fun little game I could imagine working well on a 3310 handset. Great work on keeping the visuals interesting but readable!

This was a fun little concept, I’m impressed how you managed to pull off a Nokia Jam entry in GB Studio!

I love the aesthetic. Took me a second to get my bearings, but it was strategising on the harder difficulties was satisfying once I had the hang of it.

Cute game! Conceptually pretty simple, but well executed, well done!

I found it hard to tell where to go, but otherwise this looks like a promising start!

Neat little game, I love the aesthetic and the visual clarity of the playfield. Great work

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

I found it a bit confusing facing a wall not knowing the controls (WASD to move, Q/E to turn), but once I had the hang of it, it felt like a good basis for something really cool.

I love the use of Nokia’s branding as your theme. A simple, yet competent runner!

Cute game! I found the correct position to place the cherry kind of difficult to read, but once I had gotten the knack I found it neat little time waster.

An interesting concept for the jam, I’d love to see two people try and play this on a single handset

A decent clone, I love the UI work!

I love the vibe of this game, such a strong aesthetic

Thanks for playing! I’ve taken your feedback into account and adjusted how the game deals with player damage and death

Thanks for the feedback! There’s definitely plenty of room for improvement, maybe I’ll come back and flesh it out some time :)

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely wanted to include an interesting way of increasingly and decreasing the paddle length Currently I’m adding a few blocks to the player who’s behind relative to the score difference, but increasingly the length based on the hits sounds like it could be fun!

Thanks! The collision was a little thrown together, but hopefully I can come back to it sometime and rework it!

I love the whole vibe of this game, and I love swinging that katana around. Nice one!


The collision logic is currently rather naive, but I hope it’s enough to sell the concept. I’m hoping I have some time to come back and improve it before the jam ends.

Such a well executed little idea!

Wow, I love the aesthetic of this

I enjoyed this a lot! Such a simple idea, yet so juicy!

It’s so cool to see a GB game as an entry, and it’s a neat idea! The timing is so tight, I feel like I keep getting closer and closer to winning, but I’m not quite there