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Thank you! Yeah people have different dialogue twice a day on the way in and also out, and items change daily.

It was the first game any of us worked on as a final assignment for class, and indeed we ended up being quite short on time, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Checkpoints were in the plans at one point, but sadly a save system is too big for a game jam and there was no time, I'm sorry. That said, there are a few secrets to speed things up after you find them and know where they are, and the same can be said about the main events, every playthrough is faster than the last

Are you playing on mac or Linux? I'm afraid I can't support those platforms further :( if you're on windows, what version? And could you try launching as administrator? And what's your PCs resolution?

Finally someone who recognizes and appreciates Britney :)

it's not........ I might have forgotten about that for version 1.0.1..... I'll try to get a fix out soon.

2 :)

What amazing atmosphere! My favorite part was the lighting, great job. I like to think this tv and the one from my game TV night would be friends :3

Neat idea, but things happen a bit too fast to notice, I'd suggest letting the text stay for a few seconds and stop the player from changing scenes immediately. I seemed to go from the right of the kitchen to the beach but the furniture was still there, so the boat appeared in the kitchen lol

This was super cool! Adorable and original, great use of scale and space.

Good job! Cool monster

Really fun and spooky, with very nice voice acting!

What a crisp presentation, short and sweet <3

Thank you!!! Good job getting them all!

Thank you for playing and being so thorough!! 

Thank you so much! Yeah, we could've explained the radar a bit better, it works as a "hot or cold" proximity thing.

see if it works setting the resolution to a 16:9 ratio, like 1280x720

Nice job! Thank you

Muchas gracias!

right clicking on your desktop and going to screen settings should show you somewhere, calling it a graphics adapter or something like that

What's your graphics card and resolution?

I'm sorry, I can't test Linux, could you try opening it through the itch launcher?

Thank you Karen!!!! <3

Can you trying playing it through the itch launcher? Sadly I can't test windows 7.

Yeah it's not intentional lol Whenever we release 1.1 I'll get that sorted out. Thank you for playing! Hope you liked it

Nope, your guess is wrong!

Well I think 4 endings are plenty! There might be a tiny easter egg somewhere if you get all of them...

the key is hidden in shivers square, maybe "inside" something

You can see the note with the important hint from the place where you find the car, actually! But you might need to go around to get to it.

An alley will take you to a clue about it near the town hall :) but the upgrades are very useful!

Nope, just a spot with no building

The car is indeed related to 2 of the endings, there are some notes and clues in some places, you need to find the keys for it...

Glad it worked out!!!

the grafitti you have to clean is a very specific one right next to that star in the alley! you will know which one it is bc it glows red

Did you finish the previous event by touching the icon in the app? When holding the rag it doesn't let you clean it?

Try using the launcher

Thank you!!!

Thank you!

Thank you, you are a super player

Thank you so much!

Yeah, it's designed to be played more than once, getting to the clues eventually ^^ thanks for playing!