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And punished you will be! I was just wandering off into the nothingness void hoping there was more. Finish it someday, reminded me of Jazzpunk.

I think they're having the community play them and rate them up to Friday and then the top rated ones will be streamed by the group (or some of the group).

Very short and sweet. Thank you for making it playable in's browser. Much appreciated.

But it runs the MP down pretty quickly.

It was the part just above the respawn point where there are spikes acting as lava on the ground, you have these floating blocks with a red skeleton and two birds dive bombing you. I would just get stuck in a section where I'd be continuously hit by birds and red bones. If it was just the skeleton I definitely would have got past it. Was fun though... but there are more games I want to play from this jam so I had to quit!

I see, I was farming at the last boss not knowing that when I left the room it'd finish the game!

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Great use of the ingredients, like the use of the not being able to enter buildings and the general Zelda 2 feel. I got stuck on the part of the 3rd level where the reset point is by the 3 spikes. After 15 or so attempts I gave up. Really good fun though!

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Not sure how I feel about mixing ingredients but the end product is a beautiful and profound mess!

Move aside Dark Souls and Cyberpunk 2077, Huber's in town and he's hungry.

Real fun, Zelda style scrappy little game. Too good for its own good!

Did anyone manage to have 500 rupees and talk to the guy in the centre of town? Curious what happens.

Didn't see the slogan and was walking around the pink guts for waaay too long trying to figure out if I missed anything. Shame there isn't any sound. Still very functional and enjoyable, like the tower and the allies.