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David Ege

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I really enjoyed the demo and im looking forward to the release! 

I dont quite dig the health system though. If i didnt miss anything it just recharges after a while, right? I think it might be more fun if you had to meet certain conditions to get health back, like jumping over nodes or collecting something/hearts/health  on the screen as it often feels like health doesnt matter at all until you really screw up, which means that parts of a song that are more quiet cant really hurt you at all. 

Also it could be more clear visually when you have to jump and i hope that there will be some more variety, like different obstacles or powers in the later game.

That being said, i love the gameplay and the general idea. Your art style is great and i adore the atm enemy. 

i really enjoyed myself and consider purchasing the full game when it comes out.

I wish you the best of luck and success!

Great Idea! The controls can be a little frustrating tho since the player can slip off an edge if you stand close to it (especially on small platforms, i guess you are using a circle collider instead of a box collider?) Also the keys can change midair causing you to miss your jump, it would be great if you could see when keys are going to change or if they only changed when you are grounded. Anyway, really enjoyed your submission! :)