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The concept is incredible and actually really unique. I kinda love it all the more because it's the type of game that you can practically only experience in these types of game jams. However, there are some small tweaks that I think could improve the experience a lot:

  • With sound enemies, it isn't clear which sounds indicate the side and which don't. After playing some more, I figured out that the second sound signals the player that the enemy has been blocked successfully, but that was entirely by trial and error. Maybe a visual cue could help, make your block have a little bounceback or smth.
  • Vibrator enemies don't work as well as the others as the nature of the signal doesn't directly relate to their position. It would be nice if there's an actual reminder on the screen of which vibration relates to what direction.
  • This isn't a small tweak at all, but being a downloadable + needing both a controller and a headset may throw off a lot of people. I know it's integral to the concept, but maybe giving a big warning both in-game and in the page would be nice. 

PS: I got to Level 6, the game really goes crazy (in a good way) when the enemies start mixing

Cool idea,  it feels pretty unique and stands apart from other entries. I'd love it if the animals change every round. In the first time you play, the game doesn't make it very clear when the listening part is over, there could be an indicator of some sort. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, glad you liked it! Actually, the timer was supposed to shorten between each customer, but I didn't get it to work right before the three-hour limit D: 

Thanks! We actually did all the voice recordings ourselves, so that's our music guy screaming at the mic :D

Thank you! We implemented the moving penality on purpose so the player isn't constantly spinning around, but several people have pointed it to us as something wrong, so we should probably rethink that...

Thank you for the kind feedback!!

Actually amazing idea, would love to see it in action in a more fleshed out game.

The player's hitbox is way too big, which paired with the slow speed very often got me in what felt like an unwinnable situation.

I love the art and the aesthetic of the game. Both the main character and the final boss are very expressive and their personality comes out beautifully with each frame. The physics based puzzles are nice, but sometimes there are too many objects and pushing the right one gets clunky.

Getting killed in one hit can be pretty brutal, especially on the boss fights, which can feel pretty random due to the attacks not being telegraphed enough. For example, in the last boss, the projectile that come from below are almost impossible to avoid on reaction.

Congrats on the submission!

Love the artwork, specially the main character design and animations. The project really commits to the metroidvania aspect, and the order in which you encounter enemies and obstacles that you cannot yet overcome makes the character progression more meaningful.

The combat does get a bit repetitive, due to the enemies not really presenting any challenge to the player. 

Congrats on the submission!

Had a great time playing the game, didn't expect the boss at the end. The gunplay feels a bit lacking due to the player not having any way to avoid or defend against enemy attacks. 

I do like the aesthetic of the game, it really gets the vibe of a retro licensed game of a cheesy action movie. The platforming feels really difficult and the lack of checkpoints can get frustating, but I had a lot of fun figuring out the best way of besting each group of enemies.

Congrats on the submission!