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David Andrei

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If I'm using a prompt, do I have to use a framing prompt too? can I use just a prompt or just a framing prompt?

Is there a discord server?



no animation? No gameplay? Didn't follow the theme? Just fog, some music and some text? Nothing?

when i press T the game just closes?


Thanks! I think im joining  :D

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I'm kind of new to game development with c# and unity and I only started only a month ago. Oh and btw I do have a bit more than a bit of game developing experience with python and game maker studio language. I think it would be interesting to see how it is to participate in a game jam but I'm not sure if I can manage. do you recommend me to participate? Thanks! :)

P.S Forgot to mention that i have no pixel art knowledge or any kind of art knowledge and since I've only been working on gameplay in my games and not art, art hasn't been a focus for me and i haven't heard about this jam until now so I'm not sure how much a can learn in 18 hours...

i think you can BUTt if I started a game and modifying it for the game jam, i feel like it would kind of ruin the whole 14 day limit thing.