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This is NOT SCP-087-B this is just SCP-087. It's an amazing game though but you need to rename it

This is genuinely an amazing game, I love the atmosphere it builds up and the gameplay and story is great! My first game by you was Stay Out Of the House and I'm so glad I decided to get more

this isnt the illicit version and is literally a recreation of the version OHC played and it has no gore or CP

Does this have viruses

Don't worry people this is literally just the version OHC played, there's no gore or any CP and no viruses. It has all the levels, the ending, and the original non-gore images

No, I played it and it's just the version OHC played on his channel. No CP, No gore, and no viruses

This doesnt, quit false reporting

That's from years ago and was a different version :/

This Doesn't contain gore Or any CP Or Viruses, I've Played it and it's almost exactly like the one that OHC Played on his channel. Nothing bad here