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so that would also mean if I find the right character block I can actually get back on the path. Anyways if you want to find it in the map editor I think it won’t take long, I managed to leave the path on the left, at some point between the very start of the path and the near cabins

At the beginning of my very first game, since the guide told me I needed boots to walk on uncleared paths, a lightbulb sparked in my head and I did exactly the opposite: I ventured off the path without boots onto the snow, only to find out I could not get back to the path, I could only walk on the snow! Had to reset... I kept a snapshot of the bugged game if you need it

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Thanks for replying extensively 👍🏻yeah developing games takes tons of time and taking care of the finer details even more so. Kudos for the good job done so far, I really hope in an update that brings the game to its full potential

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Why such long load time? By the way the game is quite nice, could use some more polishing though. Enemy stats should appear before engaging combat (so one has a reason to decide to flee or fight) and they should also be updated during combat to reflect damage taken. Options that imply paying gold (such as paying monsters or praying at the altars) should show the cost. Fixing stuff like that would improve the experience considerably. 

Sounds great, I’m eager to try it. Kudos for a very polished game that now may be deserving of a wider audience than just Amiga aficionados

I found the original version a promising game but with one big problem: the first 4-5 levels where too easy, long and boring, thus making me lose interest in playing again because each time I had to start from scratch and play the long boring bit again and again. Has this been addressed somewhat?

Hey there Mat! :-) 


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Hello, I am playing the game to review it in Zzap! Italy. Very nice game, playable and with a spot-on atmosphere, kudos for that! Yet there are a few issues you may want to take into consideration.

  1. I am stuck at level 6 because if I load the game, the screens are not reset, i.e: enemy nests I destroyed are still destroyed and objects I collected are still missing, but I need a bomb to blast and obstacle and there is none. I have a snapshot if you want.
  2. tile based movement for the character and baddies is fine but there are some issues that make gameplay frustrating. In crowded situations it's very hard not to get hit for 3 reasons: 1) you cannot just turn on the spot, you take a step in that direction, so often taking a hit is inevitable and 2) most if not all the times you cannot kill a baddie on an adjacent tile, the shot goes right through them (bug or feature?) and 3) destroyed nests still block shots, usually destroyed items in games aren't interactive anymore.
  3. In the 6 levels I played, I died only once in level 3 and several times in level 6 (outdoor), so maybe the difficulty curve needs a bit of balancing. Personally I don't mind it being quite easy most of the time, it is pleasant to play, so a sudden difficulty spike is rather annoying. I think the real problem is due to the difficulty in killing swarming baddies as I explained above.

oh ok I was missing the button "Create animation from selection" from the toolbar or menu !! Because it is not there all the time grayed out, it just appears when it is useable and I did not notice it. Thanks, everything else makes perfect sense and I’m enjoying making animations already!!

Hey there, I bought both editors :) I've been using Spritepad for a few days and I like it, but I cannot for the life of me find a  way to add frames to an animation. I have all the frames I need in the spritesheet, but copy/paste does not work. Help please....

Hello! Unfortunately the aim is way off, like half screen height. I'm using 4k monitor

Hi there, is it just me or playability has been improved upon the Craptastic release? I find Normal difficulty much more enjoyable/doable than the original.

Also, how many levels are there? thanks

thanks!! Good game, only lacks features to increase replay value. Personally I’m not fond of the control as in you can’t move the cursor over empty spaces. Makes navigating blocks unnecessarily cumbersome. Keep up the great work

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Hi, are there any differences / improvements over the original Craptastic submission? It remember enjoying it for a bit.

Great game all around, with high production values and very playable, pretty challenging too! I love that one can freely access unlocked levels, but unfortunately, progress is not saved to disk, or is it?

Your implementation of this kind of puzzle (previously unknown to me) is just great. I'm having tons of fun. Thank you. Really thank you.

Hi, looks great and the game dynamics are very interesting! Do you have a release date in mind for the full version?

Keep up the great work!

Hi, kudos for this great competition, very inspiring even for non-coders like me. When are the results coming?

Hi, thanks for the update. About killer screen borders, you see one example here. See, i touched the lower right border and died. This is unnecessary and frustrating from a design standpoint.

thanks for taking the time to reply😃I like the game very much, you did a really good job! that is why the choice of the leap of faith in that spot sticks out so much IMHO. keep up the good work!

Leap of faith is almost always a bad design choice. You may use it for secret areas to reward daring players, but not for areas one must travel to finish a level. How is the player supposed to find about it? By blindly trying every possible risky jump? Naaah...

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Hi, the game is very nice (especially the sound, but also GFX and gameplay) and I'm enjoying playing it, despite a few bugs and issues that, if addressed, would make it a lot more enjoyable and reveal its full potential.

1)after a few game overs and restarts, the game is stuck in the intro sequence where the protagonist is rowing toward the right. At this point if I press fire again the sequence loops, but the game never starts when the character reaches the right of the screen.
2) there is at least 1 screen that kills you instantly as soon as your character appears because he is spawned in the rocks at the bottom center. I got to this screen after 5 or so screens, leaving the previous one from the top.

1)Collision detection is frustrating: rocks kill you even if they are not actually touching the character or the boat (try waiting for a rock to fall on top of one edge of the boat, you'll die while the rock is still in the air). I appreciate the fact that you can overlap the background rocks with the boat a bit, this makes the gameplay more manageable, but then you should really be able to do the same with the falling rocks, otherwise, the rules are inconsistent and the gameplay frustrating.
2) Touching the empty edge of the screen kills you. Come on, seriously?
3) a couple times Vice wanted to open monitor mode (see screenshot). Dunno if it is Vice's or the game's fault, but never had this issue before. 

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The graphics are nice and the mood is cool, gameplay is challenging and fun, even though pixel perfect player collisions are a bit too unforgiving (even using a collider slightly smaller than the whole player would go a long way towards making the game more playable and less stressful).

The animation when the player hits an enemy is strange, looks to be kinda glitchy, I don't know. Could use a lives counter, too.

The main issue I have is it crashes very often. Tried with the latest FCEUX, after a few deaths what happens is shown in the attached snapshot.

interessante, riproverò facendo caso al numero di nemici distrutti. In ogni caso complimenti per l’ottima conversione 

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Luca ho l'impressione ci sia qualcosa che non va sulla difficoltà Novice, lo spawn rate dei mostri alla fine del livello 1 mi sembra maggiore che nella modalità Medium. A Novice non riesco quasi mai a finire il livello 1, a Medium lo passo al primo tentativo!

It is in fact Infiltrating I'm talking about:) Hey mate, since I'm going to review your game(s) for the italian Zzap! can I ask you more questions here or do you prefer private messaging/email?

This is great. A genius puzzler. Congratulations

Hi, the game is great! Is the F key some cheat to go to the next level?

Fantastically playable game and very original. Many congratulations! Please consider a sequel or DX version with (someone else also suggested some of them, and I agree):

  • saveable Hiscore
  • pickup items, from power ups to points, to inject more variety in the action
  • horizontal movement during fall, even very slow would improve playability
  • quit to menu key (unless there is already and I missed it)

Guys, Rogue64 is totally sweet and I just submitted an enthusiastic review to Zzap! Italy (yes, we have it too!). I really do hope that you'll make a sequel with a couple extra features to make it even more compelling and interesting in the long run. I'd love more potions/powers (take a look at Zaga-33) at least for the game to pick from, more monsters in each room (to raise the difficulty level a bit) and secret rooms (now you have these beautiful rooms to explore freely after killing all the monsters, and not much to do with them. Put hidden treasures or power ups behind fake walls). Keep up the great work!

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It's your game, of course you can do whatever you want with it. And it's good and I bought it. Strange though you say there are no flying enemies, cos in fact there ARE (spear dropping ghosts and bouncing monkeys already in level 1) and they beg to be shot from below. Nevermind.
Will the physical edition be posted from a EU country? 

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Tokimal is obviously very well done and fun. Sweet GFX. Not a fan of flip screen, but it works. A great achievement on the Spectrum. BUT. As a huge Toki fan I am quite disappointed that you ditched the classic 8-way shooting that IMHO defined Toki's gameplay in favor of a bland horizontal shooting. It's not much an homage, more like a spin off in a completely different direction.  I was pumped when I heard about the game, but this choice of yours was a big letdown for me.