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This is amazing. Allow me to list what I love:

  • I LOVE that I can make the trains go so fast they fly off the rails.
  • I LOVE causing collisions. Let's face it, that's what we always really wanted to do with our train sets.
  • I LOVE that you can first person the trains.
  • I LOVE that you can make them launch off the rails and do jumps.
  • I LOVE the basic premise of this game!

Things I want in order of high priority to low priority:

  • I need the ability to have more than one train controller. Let me just duplicate them like I can duplicate everything else?
  • I want the ability to link cars behind the train engine.
  • I want a track that is a ramp with the end of it is going up at a 30 or 45 degree angle with the proper connecting tracks for the other side, one which holds the angle and one which puts it back to a flat angle.
  • I want to set the gravity (the low gravity is fun but I want to make it heavier.)
  • I want a window out the front of the blue engine.
  • Maybe the ability to have the train magnetize to the track so it can't fly off the rails no matter what gets in its way.
  • I want the ability to re-center myself or move around the area so I can play from my seat without having to use the full play space to get around the table.
  • Different tables?
  • How about a chair? Plop the chair down and you can first person into it for an unobstructed view of the train set from the point of view of a tiny person on the table.
  • Get rid of the "battery" thing. No need for perfect simulation here!
Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to a Steam release. ;)