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Replied to rebeccap in Roun comments

Hi Rebeccap,

Firstly, about the shield - thank you so much for pointing this out. Unbelievably I didn't push some stuff to live before I went off travelling... I've now fixed that up. If you try to claim the shield again it should work.

Regarding your other problem it sounds as though the state of you battle has gotten messed up. Unfortunately that is still happening occasionally and I haven't rectified the cause. If you let me know your username I'll clear that battle for you. Fleeing the battle normally works too.

Sorry again Rebeccap. Thanks for persevering.


Replied to Phenoca in Roun comments

Fair point. If you launch the game now it will patch to a version which can switch between windowed and full screen mode. On the settings screen (use the settings button from the party select screen) you will now find a button labelled 'Toggle Windowed Mode'. Use that to switch. The game remembers your last used mode and will start that way next time.

Replied to Phenoca in Roun comments

Hi Phenoca. I know at the moment it can take 2 - 6 seconds for a card to play and I agree that's not ideal. This seems to be down to the hosting (cards play virtually instantly locally) and can vary from day to day. I'm considering moving to more expensive hosting but probably won't be doing that right away.

Thanks for the feedback.

My indie online role-playing deck builder for PC wound up on Itch last night.

It's still under development with quite a bit more content to be added but I'm proud of what's there so far.

Please take a look at the Itch page, watch the trailer and let me know what you think.

Better yet, download the game and join in.

Explore, quest, craft and battle your way across the continent of Ceyador as you build a party of heroic adventurers. Collect new ability and equipment cards from defeated enemies. Complete quests and defeat rare encounters to claim great rewards and discover new locations. Combine runes and looted items to craft modifiers which enhance your equipment. Battle the parties of other players for gold in the arena.