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Hi Dmitriy! Yeah, I ran the font through this charset checker and it seems I missed those Ukrainian characters, sorry!

I don't anticipate having time to add them in the coming few days, but I'll be sure to push an update as soon as I get some free time.

Thanks for the feedback!

It's sorta crazy to me that we're two levels deep in forking this dumb little font I almost didn't even release.

Happy you like it! Please let me know if any Playdate games wind up using it!

Not sure if that's the cause, but monogram-extended does have some pretty tall accented uppercase characters like ÂÉÌÕÜ. The diacritics are at most 3 pixels tall though, not 4. Any chance the whitespace you're seeing is the padding to accommodate that?

Glad you like it!

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ooh, nice catch. Movement should be disabled while textboxes are active, I'll patch it up.

edit: fixed!

Hey, that's pretty cool! Glad you like it!

Thanks a lot! PayPal has been acting up lately, but I've refunded one of your purchases, so it should all be cleared now!

Yeah, this seems to be an issue I introduced when adding throwable weapons. Should be fixed in a coming patch. Thanks for bringing it up!

Thanks! I had a lot of fun animating those little guys!

Following up on this: something really was wonky about the base font export. I've re-generated both files, and they seem to work properly now. Tested on Aseprite at size 16:

I don't have GIMP at hand, but I'd bet it'd be working there as well. Please let me know if you still run into issues on your end.

Thanks again for bringing this up!

It's strange that the base and extended fonts have different sizes. I'd expect the correct size to be at 16px. I'll look into it and see if anything went wrong in the export.

As for missing characters, monogram.ttf only has 104 glyphs: unaccented upper and lowercase letters, numbers 0-9 and a few common punctuation marks. For Ü, you'd want to use monogram-extended.ttf.

Thanks for letting me know!

Hey, took me a while, but the new characters are up! If you give them a go, I'd love to hear some feedback.

Ha, that's funny, I was about to release an update with Cyrillic characters!

I don't mind version at all! And, if it's ok, could you review the Cyrillic characters I added? I'm not a native speaker, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.

That's a goddamn shame, sorry they went after you. Thanks for the heads up, hope you can reinstate the project somehow!

Hey there! I've been compiling a list of projects using monogram and this repo seems to have been taken down. Is this project still going?

This is pretty sweet, merwok! Thanks a lot!

This looks pretty awesome! I have just started playing around with PICO-8 and I love it so far, but I didn't realize custom fonts were being added, that sounds great!

Absolutely go ahead and publish it yourself, and thanks for doing the work of porting it! Shoot me a link when it's up so I can tweet about it!

That's cool, I didn't know Cave Story had been so thoroughly decompiled. Pretty cool seeing my font in the game!

I'm glad you like it! Drop me a link to the mod when it's out!

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I'm glad you like it! Just played through Gravitus, pretty fun! It gets really tough in the later levels hahaha. Good job!

You gotta email itch and ask them to enable custom css support for your pages. It took them a couple days to get back to me, so you might need to be patient.

Hi, thanks for asking! You can just use my name "Vinícius Menézio" in the credits. Send me a link to your project when it's done!

Thanks! Let me know if you end up using it.

Yes, for sure! The font is free for use in any project.

Let me know how it goes :)

Hey there, I didn't realize .ttf files weren't downloadable from the itch app. I've uploaded a file, which contains both versions of the font, so hopefully that's sorted out now. Please let me know if it works!


Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

BTW just checked your profile and realized you're French. Are there any French characters or diacritics missing from the font?

That's awesome, thank you for featuring me!

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Hey Martin, if it's ok I'd like your help.

I'm adding danish characters to monogram, but since I can't read danish, I don't know whether the result is actually legible. I'm particularly worried about 'æ' and 'Æ', since those characters are very wide, and representing them in a 5px wide monospace font is pretty hard.

If you can, please try it out at and tell me what you think!

Thanks! Feel free to leave feedback or character requests in the project's page.


For sure, those will be in the next revision.

I'm Brazilian, so I'm already missing some of those characters myself hahahah


Sure, I'll try and include those in the next revision of the font. Thanks for the feedback!

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monogram is a creative commons monospace bitmap font, made for games.

It contains 104 different characters, and is only 10 kb!

Licensed at CC0, monogram is completely free to use without attribution.  Donations are appreciated.

Please get in touch via the comments or twitter if you have any feedback or character requests.

download it for free here!

Cool! I'll download it right away!

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Hey, there!

You might want to tag your game files according to their platform. Just pick from the checkbox below each upload in your project's page:


As it is right now, I can't download it from the itch app, because it says there isn't an available version for Windows.