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Currently in development! You can follow updates on it's progress here for now:

ALT + ENTER i believe is the default for rpg maker xp to switch between full screen + windowed mode (i have the opposite problem where fullscreen is rough on my eyes)

Do you have a party of less than four characters? That seems to trigger the bug for me & other people. I've updated the demo a bit ago so you cant currently form a party of less than 4, but it should be fine if you just make sure your party is full.

Oh whoops! That was in previous builds but I think it accidentally got deleted. I can re add it easy

oh! You're the creator of Alisa! I've been meaning to play that aha.

It isn't a commodore reference per-say, just the general idea that programs/magic use .prg as a suffix in universe.

They should be in the CSP folder.

Hi! This problem should be fixed now if you try redownlaoding, i think at some point when updating these I changed the permissions of that folder by accident.

ah this is cool! you dont have to credit me when using my brushes but thank you for doing so!

Hehe! No problem! And yeah anyone else combing through comments here, they're intended for use with the pencil tool so its for pixel art!

Thats weird, they shouldn't do that/thats not how i set them up. I made these with CS6 so if adobe changed how photoshop reads abr files recently in an update to CC then idk if theres much you can do? Is it because your using them with the brush tool instead of the pencil maybe?

I have some art tools here that could be useful for future game devs I would like to add to the pack:

np! sorry for the confusion! i would still like to include the patterns as pngs at some point though!

if you don't want to wait on me, try converting the patterns that came with your download instead of the brushes

Sorry, ive been dealing with life events and other stuff atm and haven't gotten around to this. The brushes themselves are just a single square that paints a pattern w. a transparent bg down, however your converting them is probably converting the actual brush shape but not the pattern that goes with it is what im imagining.

I've considered it/have been planning to as an update for the three of these for awhile. Look forward to an update from me on that either this week or next?