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Tom Trottel

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Wow !!!!!

interesting idea !!!!

Yes, that would be very cool ! :D

I have actually no clue whats happening there, but it is clearly art ! :D

I only get the music and a half a black screen,

props for the idea. :D

Nice, abstract and well done, espc. for 3 hours ! ;)


Very good music. Good bitmap graphics. The drawing of the spell is a nice idea, but after a while you ask yourself "Why do I have to do this every time" ?

But well executed game, imho.

All right. The music is ok, I like the idea with the Canvas for the Keys and stuff. But what are you supposed to do at the 90 degree walls ? 

Yeah, I want a tutorial of this too :D !

the music is very cool !

Made me laugh, tried it like 20 times, always crashed, but was fun !

Hey, thats pretty cool ! I like the athmosphere, the visuals are very cool. The rabbits are so cute. This is interesting !!

Thats actually fun, but I am getting close to a heart attack when the train gets really fast :D

Interesting ! :D

Interface is understandable and intuitive usable if the player knows these kind of games. Music is nice. Nice intro. I wonder why you can only shoot two spaces with the gun, but ok. Not being able to hit diagonaly limits tactical possibilities.

hey thats a fun game, I like the style and the music :D

nono, I got how the mirror works, thats a great idea ! I am just too stupid it seems, at least right now :D

Just my humble short feedback : The graphics are a bit like a 70ies movie, but it works nice. You could make this actually very cool with a bit more cleanup and art rework so that has a more define style. I now that this was allready a lot of work, so my respect. 

I like this. I didnt manage to finish the second level, but the idea is cool and it looks good in its simplicity !

Okai, I got the door code, I managed to enter the train, and now the train drives. :D

I like the graphics and the love to detail :D

Your ingame-english is a bit hard to understand at first, which is no direct critic, is just a bit harder to figure out what the tutorial wanted me to do.

I know this is a development version, so no pressure. 

Does it have sound yet ? :D

(just a quick fb: keys are not working. I am stucked in the tutorial, not really know what to do now)

I like this. But is there anything more than washing your hands ? Also, whats this guy behind the bushes doing there ? :D And the stuffed cat gave me a strange feeling :D Also the third accord on the guitar is dissonant, which is a nice way to express your feelings. But the style of the game is interesting, also the main character reminds me a bit of a lemming, and this adds to the athmosphere. well done. :D

I like that, the comibnation of sounds, music and grfx is working for me. Only the monster is just a bit to

to fast I think. Also I tried to hit it with the gun but it didnt appear to slow down, at least not in a way I could use it in strategy to avoid it. 

thanks ! I think so too ! :D

I really like the graphics ! :D

uh , the sound under windows 7 went suddenly EXTREMLY loud nearly crashed my boxes. besides of that, I like the cartoon vibes and the animations.

i really love the style, but I have no clue whats happening XD

well done.

When I killed the first monester with the spear and then tried to take the box reward it dropped, I got this : "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

RuntimeError: index out of bounds".

Game stopped, Music went on. Some array error, I guess. :D

Ehm, if you fly to high, it crashes :D

(1 edit)

Did you do the music ? I really like the 8bit versions of the classical pieces !!!

Also the way you show the controls is good.

The rest rather confuses me :D




Sadly I dont speak spanish ! :D

- I like the music

- I like the graphics.

- I like super mario clones ! :D

That is funny. I didnt make it very far. But I kept trying, what means it has something ! ;D

The music fits.

Mostly what PopDaddyGames allready said : 

I also like the 3D cave effect, it also reminds me of SouthPark :D

The music goes on my nerves after some time, make it more "non-intrusive" if you can and it will add a lot to the game play.

It is too slow.

I like it :D