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man I really like that. :-)

I will test it and give you feedback soon ! :)

thanks for letting me know, i am working on getting these WebGL Builds as performant as possible, but still not there.

loving it. but damn, this game is difficult :)

also loving the detail that when you jump into the river, the corpse get also transported into the flow direction :)

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First off all, well done. I have the problem that when I start a game and press the up down button with the mouse it translates to screen rotation, even if I dont move the mouse. After a few tries it then did not do that problem anymore.

Another thing is that once I accedentily closed the ehm virtual handheld retro game and then reopend it, the game round I was playing was still on, but I could not continue the game and none of the buttons work anymore.


Interesting ! It certainly did foul me, but now that you said it, it reminds me of trying to preject a map on a sphere in Blender, which is also not really possible without tweaks. Hmm. *resists the urge to build a pacman on a real sphere game, and if only to not be able to do it properly*

 it was fun ! what I like about this kind of game is that it is a type of puzzle of its own. you have to learn the behaviour of the ship, training your own neutral networks in the brain. if I try something 10 times, I have fun, even if I can not solve it. :) 

well, the idea is funny :)

:-) so after having shoot like i dont know 100 zombies, I realized that I am doomed anyways :)

XD that feels like me trying to make me a coffee after having a nightmare filled night of sleep :)

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respect for the idea to make the pacmans world on a sphere, i never saw that anywhere !!! also well done retro ! also I didnt find the place to go when you have enough fuel.

after 10 times I am realising I am not able to land it. but that was fun nevertheless :)

ok the idea is funny as hell and it looks good :)

ok this is very cute XD also the title is very cool, tactical farming !

Yes. I am traumatized now by the falling cat cause I did not find out what to do :) But very cute ! :-)

right, do not get the movment, liking the music, and the art sytle. :)

liking the style very much, impressive what you did with two colors.

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ok, yes, we in german have the y next to the x in the bottom left corner and the z next to the u. im sorry for the misinformation or the german-centric keyboard mindset.

but yes, some kind of remap controls or keyboard layout detection would be nice.

i checked stack overflow and googled keyboard layout detection with javascript, but it is not clear, although it seems to be possible.


I like it :)

cute :)

i like the style and the vibe, but the screen is too small.

cool :)

Hmmm. I could not find or reach the key. btw. when you switch the game with esc to scroll the browser window e.g. the mouse lookaround did not work any longer.

But I like the doom style of it :)

I like the style, the music but I am too stupid to manage the first jump, XD

da da da daaaa, da dadaaaa XD

awesome ! best 10 minutes this day. wonderfull :)

We have the Y left of the X :)

nice. I had one of these when I was master for my cybperunkt pen and paper group :)

so thats how proc generated poetry looks like :)

First : I love the artwork, the integration into the itchi.o page, the music !

Second: For european user the z and x controls is bad cause your z is far away from the x on the keyboard.

congratz and all the best !

ok  :) i am supposed to throw my character through the area ? :D

just a bit hopefully constructive critic : the tork feels ok. the smoke particles are cool, yet to much at full speed. also the sound at full speed is of course a broken loop. something like a hand break would be nice :D

I love the drawings !!

This is a very interesting idea, I will check this out soon.

Wow !!!!!