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Tom Trottel

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thanks ! I think so too ! :D

I really like the graphics ! :D

uh , the sound under windows 7 went suddenly EXTREMLY loud nearly crashed my boxes. besides of that, I like the cartoon vibes and the animations.

i really love the style, but I have no clue whats happening XD

well done.

When I killed the first monester with the spear and then tried to take the box reward it dropped, I got this : "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

RuntimeError: index out of bounds".

Game stopped, Music went on. Some array error, I guess. :D

Ehm, if you fly to high, it crashes :D

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Did you do the music ? I really like the 8bit versions of the classical pieces !!!

Also the way you show the controls is good.

The rest rather confuses me :D




nice abstract idea !

Sadly I dont speak spanish ! :D

- I like the music

- I like the graphics.

- I like super mario clones ! :D

That is funny. I didnt make it very far. But I kept trying, what means it has something ! ;D

The music fits.

Mostly what PopDaddyGames allready said : 

I also like the 3D cave effect, it also reminds me of SouthPark :D

The music goes on my nerves after some time, make it more "non-intrusive" if you can and it will add a lot to the game play.

It is too slow.

I like it :D

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no, sadly not. I only got this error message :(

no only HTML5, i dont download exe files.

abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

I like it ! :D

"The developer has not uploaded a game yet..."

Not bad. Swing it, baby ! :D Could be an educational game for physics for kindergardens :D

this is not really playable, yet. 

The idea is quite good.

I seem to be to stupid to figure that out. I jump at the boss, press CTRL, but lose a health point. I feel really ashamed, but what are you supposed to do damage to the enemy :D ?

:D :D :D

thats cool ! the idea with the moons to get through the energy shield is very nice.

I am not sure what to do ! :D

key input seems not to work

That is actually a very nice idea.

Nothing happens :D Just  the sound and a thing at the bottom :D

Firefox 65.0.1 on Win7. Yupp, I am blocking cookies from non-visited Websites, that may be the reason for it. Works fine when I allow all cookies.

well, we are only talking about the I key menu :D

nevermind, you will find a solution :D

right mouseclick is perhaps a good solution ?

If you use ESC as closing command for the info window, the full screen in browser closes. But if the game is not in fullscreen, the movement of the mouse is too slow so my mouse leaves the game area. :D

Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: no valid storage adapters found.

Stack Trace:

thats a really good prototype