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Hey Sharks,

Thanks for your feedback. The API Level is set to Android 4.4 now. I hope this fixed it for you :)

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Wow... that was quick ^^

Works perfectly now. Can't belive how much fun I had with that :P

Multi-Tower tactics helped with that ^^

Awesome game with a Beatiful concept. The stacking works wonderful.

But it's treating me unfair :D 

I think it's a problem with the long rectangles. 

Unfortunatelly I wasn't able to scroll higher. I played the PostJamVersion.

This was a team effort :)
Your awesome music + the beautiful art by tigersonalex. You both did a wonderfull job!

Hey Andy,

thank you for taking some time to play the game and to give some feedback. Due to some lack of time we don't have all the level we wanted in the game. There will be some more including the spikes, new platforms and a few more features. I'll hit you up when the update is out!

This game is great! The movement is simple and easy to understand. The soundeffects fit in the scene and the graphics are just gorgeous! Very well done!

Thank you so much for playing :D 

The water bottles are rare, but you can always refill your thirst-bar at the well inside the town - and you can upgrade everything inside the shop.

:O Since there's no other screenshot, I would say you are the current record holder.

Thanks you so much for playing. ^^

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. It was an exhausting weekend, but we are happy with the result too :)

hey lytesander,

Thank you for reporting the bug and thank you for the positive feedback. :)

We fixed the bug in the new Version and added some new elements. 

Hey MetaBitly,

Thank you for playing and sharing your experience with us! We're currently trying to improve the game and it was really helpfull to see where people had problems and what their reaction was on different things.

At the same time I'd like to apologize for the bugs and small things that reduced the fun like the obstacles that didn't synced well with the music. But... we found the bug and now it should work fine!

!!!Spoiler alert for people who didn't played the game!!!

Dave saved the ship and found the captain in the end of the new version.

Hey Itooh,

We fixed the problem with the stoping music and we're currently working on an ingame menu. Your feedback was really helpfull and gave us a good perspective on what is really needed in the game currently. Thank you very much!

Hey Fledered,

we had something bigger in mind for the level selection - but we had not enough time to implement it.

Due to all the feedback we decided to replace it to create a more fluent experience.

Thanks for the feedback

That's a pretty good time!

Thank you for playing :)


The new version has a proper end screen

Hey Fred,

thank you for playing and sharing the gameplay! It really helps to see where people may have trouble.

I just released a new Version of the game with more content and improved movement.
The game also saves your best time now!

Make sure to check it out if you have time!

Thanks for your time,