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This was a very unique game! The controls are a little hard to get the hang of, but that seemed to be by design with the way the limbs swayed back and forth. Definitely a cool idea worth putting more time into for a full game! 

it would definitely benefit from analog stick controls for movement and rotation, but it is what it is for now. Thanks for the feedback and for playing! 

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i created the audio using labchirp for another game, so I just used it in this one as well. I thought it matched well. The game is definitely not perfect, but given my time constraints, I'm happy I even got a playable game out at all. Thanks for playing! 

It's a pretty fun game. I like the guns and the rolling animation for the characters. I will say, I would like to have a normal jump and the roll jump as two separate things and/or speed the roll jump animation up by 2 or 3 times. It would be cool to see the players bullets move a lot faster across the screen, and maybe make the enemies bullets easier to see so you can dodge them better. Those were really all the things I could find that would make it better. I think it's really fun, so good job! 

That's awesome! Thanks so much! I tried to make it as much of a complete and finished game as possible, but I noticed the next day that the audio sometimes doesn't fade out like it should. It does that when the monster kills you, but it fades out correctly if you hide from the monster in a pipe. I'll fix that, add extra sound effects, and probably re upload it sometime soon. Also, my wife Lydia is LJ Mixalot, and she makes all the music for my games. She watched this with me and was super happy by what you had to say about it! Thanks so much again for doing this! 

Where's the game at for this one? There's nothing on the Iron Cocoon page.

You can disqualify this if you want. I just fixed some bugs and added a couple things this morning, but I didn't know it would replace it here. Sorry!