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Omg... It was so... my heart lol

Ok, ok... Breathing. First of all, I laughed a lot because I died and the game closed in my face!! But I was really having fun at the beginning, 'till I started to understand the story, then I swear, I felt tears in my eyes and I heard my heart breaking. This is so cute and so simple, but SO GOOD.
I think the best music for games is that ones we don't actually listen to them, but It help us to feel and emerge more into the story, so, this one is pretty good <3

It took me a while to understand the gameplay and I was very sad when the materials bugged a lot and I lost them T-T But it's quite addictive, it's something I would spend the afternoon playing. It reminds me of Plantera for some reason

I only think that the music could be a little funnier and smoother.
Keep up the good work!! >.<