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I'm afraid running in vulkan slows the game down to ~10 fps (and crashes). 

The tree problem also happens on my laptop with an older driver (mesa 19.3.5), so maybe it's an issue with the shader / linux as a whole?

I will check with the people on the discord, thank you :)

Hey, first of all, I absolutely love it! It's just amazing to play, great job! Will definitely buy it as soon as it's ready :)

But, I do have one problem:

I don't have any trees in the level. When I set my FOV to 80, I can see trees in the far distance, but they disappear as I get closer. But, they still have collision, so if you go off track, it looks like you hit something invisible, when it was probably a tree.

On highest settings the trees are much further away, while on low settings, they are much closer. So I think the draw distance is inverted somehow? (instead of stop drawing after x units, it's start drawing after x units?)

Running the game on Arch Linux 5.5.10 with an AMD Rx480 (driver Mesa-ACO 20.0)

I did have some Shader and Vegatation warnings / errors in the log.


Ah alright, thank you :)

The tutorial says a bus will output the first non-undefined input, but when it has 2 defined inputs it outputs undefined.

Is this a bug? Because if not I think it should be explained better.

v0.11.1 (Linux)