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Yeah, I created one myself with 

mono Vintagestory.exe

and it works fine :)

for Linux, could you add a "" or something? Because right now, none of the start-options on itch actually launch the game. I know I can install it, and then launch it with the desktop file, but that's just kind of strange, wish it would just work through itch right away :)

Also I don't like that *moves* the game data. Wouldn't moving the desktop file be enough? The could figure out the current path and change the desktop file so you don't have to move the game data :)

Anyways, the game looks great, I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with it :)

Thank you.

I'm afraid running in vulkan slows the game down to ~10 fps (and crashes). 

The tree problem also happens on my laptop with an older driver (mesa 19.3.5), so maybe it's an issue with the shader / linux as a whole?

I will check with the people on the discord, thank you :)

Hey, first of all, I absolutely love it! It's just amazing to play, great job! Will definitely buy it as soon as it's ready :)

But, I do have one problem:

I don't have any trees in the level. When I set my FOV to 80, I can see trees in the far distance, but they disappear as I get closer. But, they still have collision, so if you go off track, it looks like you hit something invisible, when it was probably a tree.

On highest settings the trees are much further away, while on low settings, they are much closer. So I think the draw distance is inverted somehow? (instead of stop drawing after x units, it's start drawing after x units?)

Running the game on Arch Linux 5.5.10 with an AMD Rx480 (driver Mesa-ACO 20.0)

I did have some Shader and Vegatation warnings / errors in the log.


Ah alright, thank you :)

The tutorial says a bus will output the first non-undefined input, but when it has 2 defined inputs it outputs undefined.

Is this a bug? Because if not I think it should be explained better.

v0.11.1 (Linux)