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The tutorial says a bus will output the first non-undefined input, but when it has 2 defined inputs it outputs undefined.

Is this a bug? Because if not I think it should be explained better.

v0.11.1 (Linux)

You are right. I've fixed it in the manual and forgot to fix the tutorial description...

To be more specific: Originally (pre v0.10) if a bus had more than 1 non-Undefined inputs, the output returned an Error value (red wire). On v0.10 I removed all Errors from the build-in components (tri-state buffers with Undefined control pin and the bus), and I thought I should make it work like it's described in the tutorial (first non-Undefined input got forwarded to the output).

But, apparently, I never did the change, so if a bus gets more than 1 non-Undefined input, its output is Undefined.

I'll fix the description for the next release. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for reporting the bug!

PS: Actually I think a bus should behave more like an OR gate, which ignores all Undefined inputs. It should just OR together all defined inputs and return that as the result. But I think this might break some existing circuits, that's why I'm still keeping the current behavior. If you have any thoughts on the subject, I'll be glad to hear them.

Ah alright, thank you :)