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Hi, yes you can use it in any commercial game and publish it wherever you want, and you don’t have to give me credit. It literally says so in the first sentence of the page

This music pack contains five combat/action music tracks you can use for free in both commercial and non-commercial games, with no attribution required.

The only limitation is that you can’t re-sell it. If you’re using it in your game, you can do whatever you want with it, without giving credit :)

Whoah this looks scary

Why link it three times tho

wow this was so good

Fun for a first game. The controls could be a little more responsive, but the difficulty is pretty wild.

This is so beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Great job!

You’re in charge of hell and your job is to punish the filthy humans. They deserve it.

When a human reaches the end, they escape through a portal and get a swift death. Your job is to prevent that. But no matter what happens, once they all die they get to be punished again the next day.

Controls are mouse only. You can click on things, or drag the camera with the left mouse button. (WSAD and arrow keys also move the camera, but are not required.) (Ludum Dare page

Amazing work! Wholesome and heartbreaking at the same time.