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You just did lol

Darn, I thought I fixed the harry potter rock :)

I appreciate your feedback, all of which is totally understandable, it was for a Game Jam which is why it was shorter and there wasn't a lot of explanation, anyway Thanks for Playing!

It was made for a Game Jam so I was on a bit of a time crunch, Damn those super resistant trees :) Thanks!


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It was fun and pretty funny, I wanted to keep slamming the table :)

Cool Game, The animal switching concept was cool and the UI was beautiful.


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Thanks, I plan on continuing it. was made for a Game Jam so it had to get cut a bit short.

Yeah, I may or may not have been running out of time so left it on sorta a cliff hanger..

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Yeah, Game jam time crunch lol... For now

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Thanks, and it was for a game jam which is why it was relatively short, the hole has been patched. 

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Yeah, the tiling for the grass in the second part was pretty bad, and I completely agree with the tree comment (a lot of the reason being a result of my computer not having the best time handling the textures and whatnot), The main reason it was such a large file was due to the megascan assets and the likes, I certainly could have done a better job optimizing them. Thanks for your feedback and for playing it.