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Thanks for the feedback! I actually had a lot of fun making this game, I'm just sitting down to work on this week's trijam. I wanted the movement to be very floaty and dream-like as opposed to responsive, but you raise a good point about the inconsistency of the jump, frustration wasn't something I wanted the player to experience.  Thanks again for the feedback, and best of luck if you do this weeks trijam!

I beat it! Way too hard but lots of fun, I feel like the inside levels should have came before the outside levels since they were much easier, but I get how it makes more sense to go from outside to inside from an artistic perspective.

Nice work! I liked the way you needed to get below a certain amount of deaths to access the bonus level, it added some nice replayability without being too frustrating, since I was able to breeze through the earlier levels after learning the mechanics more and such.

I love the atmosphere and the coice of literature. Very avant-garde. This was very artistically inspiring, however the movement could use a little work as well as mouse sensitivity adjustment. It isn't crucial, but I think the experience would be better enjoyed with these options.

I like the glow effects on the golem a lot! That's something I really ought to learn . . . I like the puzzle aspects of having both the ghost guy and the golem be useful for different things!

I like the responsive movement and the expressive animation! The screen distortion could have been toned down a bit but other than that nice work!

I really like the concept! I was a little confused at first, but it was pretty easy toget the hang of after a couple of turns. Well done!

Thanks for your feedback! I considered making the movement less floaty, but because some levels revolved around this movement I didn't have time to change it. One thing I'm adding post-Game-Jam is more friction and also better level progression so the player can get used to it.

Great work! I the mechanics were really innovative and the level design was great as well.

I like the minimalist design. I made a similar game, except the movement is physics based, so it plays a lot more floaty. I like the very solid, methodical gameplay  a lot!

Nice job! I feel like this would make a great mobile game, and it really messes with your brain!

Really cool! I liked the level design and the mechanics, although the white flashing did hurt my eyes a little bit. Overall great job!

Really great art and animation! It gives Legend Of Zelda Link To The Past vibes. I also like the twist on the theme as well!

I loved the atmosphere and the music, and the inverted controls made the gameplay more interesting. I would have liked it more if there was more of a reason to switch dimensions, but other than that really Good!

P.s. Nice font too

Nice game! The idea of breaking the mirror was really clever and forced you to rewire your brain.

I'm using this for a little game jam game I'm working on, it fits the theme perfectly! It gives it stardew-valley-wizard-tower vibes!

Nice job! A solid concept executed seamlessly.  Also I may have wasted two climbing hooks trying to get another one more times than I would have liked too lol

Nice work! I really enjoyed the difficulty curve and the way you introduced more components.  It was however, a little tricky trying to press the e key while moving, and so I had to awkwardly have my right hand on the left side of the keyboard. Other than that, amazing job and I especially enjoyed the way the final level made me think.  Although I think I found an alternative way to solve it, I think that just makes it all the more interesting!

Found it and beat the game! Thanks again and great work.

Hi, I'm really enjoying your game so far! I love the sense of exploration and how you reward the player with shortcuts to different places across the map. I also like how new abilities like the bouncer add freshness to old areas, giving the player access to places they couldn't reach before. Also the art is really beautiul and creates a great mood. As a beginning game devolper I am amazed at your work.

P.S. I'm having a little bit of trouble getting past this door (It's in the eatern lower area of the map). Could you tell me what I'm missing? I've scoured that map and I don't seem to be able to find the skull to open it. Great game and thanks a lot!