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not gonna lie if you make a version of this game with multiple enemies like Inscription i think it would sell well.

any plans to add card payment

it runs great except for 1 minor bug where the plasma gun won't shoot if your reload it and switch to a different weapon sometimes

fun to play but I feel the energy weapons should have less kick than the gunpowder guns. it also feels like headshots don't do enough damage. like the mech battle I hope we get to pilot one of them in a later build

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it's pretty much the videogame equivalent of telephone

well I discovered a rather unique glitch. turns out if you know a skeleton into a bit it gets sent to the corps clean up area of the map and dies and revives on loop over and over again constantly raising the number of enemies and kills on a map

this game has awful balancing

i would say try to make a full game out of this but making a 20 hour rpg on your own might be a bit much for anyone

you forgot to cap your fps

thank man you're the goat

is there a stand alone pk3 I store away alot of mods and I would very much like to not have 20 different copies of gzdoom

any plans for a story mode

will my bfg version of the doom 2 wad work

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what does this have to do with staying off drugs

it was a well put together game with lots of love and was overall fun to play. I do have one complaint and that is the inability to turn on v-sync in the menu had to mess with the files to get that working.

not a bad game just not for me the constant movement without control was just to disorienting

just sending a message to make sure your still alive you haven't updated your twitter in awhile

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issue on day 9  forgot to lock the frame rate so it  uses more resources than necessary.  also no visible mouse icon in menu

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love the game though the handy pals working on a farm they're not allowed to leave and having numbers rather than names does have some unfortunate implications....

also I have to do some wacky shit to get it to work right like I had to plug in my controller to work the menu and the curser didn't show up right until I exited fullscreen but stuck around after returning to fullscreen

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love it but the dream catcher level is confusing. still can't figure out the picture frame room so if you got a clue help me out.

Don't tell me what to do

it's not bad but being a modern unreal engine game makes it too gpu intensive my gpu jumped up to 70 c in less than a few seconds

I was wondering about the ending is it a set up for some sort of collective unconsciousness story 

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fired satan's over prevailed son, destroyed hell, and robbed a buch goblins. 10/10

this was effin awsome a great zelda style game with a cute queen bee twist

so far so good the only problem with the current build is that the knight level is missing it's dream catcher

did you put the reset button in I can't seem to find it anyways are you planning of turning the jukebox into a settings menu?

kind feels like a first person earthbound like

pretty good the whole thing reminds me of an early megaten game were you inspired by those games

you a fan of puppet combo

how do i reset my save

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ok the first time i got all the offerings and it seemed to not work but i didn't get them all during the second try so that was my fault. but the 3rd time it worked just fine..... hey does getting touched by the rabbit reset the offerings? because i kind of used him as a quick reset during the end of my first run

it seems your latest update broke the shrine and won't let me place the offerings



really fun gave me a headache at the end but was otherwise fun does need some optimization but I'm sure your working on it  

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ok I am desperate where are the 10 coins, or is it just a red haring 

looks good also you fixed the cubes flying around like madness gj

tell me about it the button got a weird glitch with it being popped out

it has potential but it is janky af