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Gabriel Diaz

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best game in global game jam 2022!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Hey Cromto, thank you so much for checking my lil game out. I totally get what you mean. Hopefully one of my future games will keep you more engaged. Thank you so much for the feedback!!

the minimum speed is so depressing! I loved your game!

what a beautiful game. I loved your take on the sisyphus! The buses were very cool, I didn't expect the first one! And one of them flipped over it was hilarious!

this is god's work

I can't add .pck file  because the upload files section is currently disabled..

oh shoot. I'll get it fixed.

thank you so much for playing. Really enjoyed watching you go through it "XD"

Hoping for a fix soon...

Same problem!

This game is too good. You should improve the landing page! Make it stand out more..

The trailer left me with a mouth wide open!

I got the falling for eternity ending.. ! (reaching the end of the map)

My favorite game in this game jam, so far. In this game, DEATH is ENJOYABLE. I really loved the mechanic of using paint to uncover the map, it really pushed the player to WANT to die so that you could progress, in that way, death is the way to progress. Really awesome job on this game Im amazed. Also, this game reminded me of Super Meat Boy and I suppose that is awesome. I would dare say that if you keep developing this game, you could easily sell it. At this point, it's already got a solid mechanic!

Nice job! I enjoyed the music and that you could save! Although I feel that the arrow are too hard...

Fun cute little game! I liked the idea of having the ability to see more of the room but I would suggest that it should've been a sort of limited  ability with either a timed cool-down or a limited number of uses, it  gives the game more of a challenge and you have to really be sure it will be useful to use it. Now, I kinda understand why you did it this way since you made the light around the player dimmer and that was (i suppose) the challenge which each level. Then again, very fun game. I enjoyed it! Awesome job!

What a beautiful soundtrack. Even if you didn't finish it, it gave the game a good feeling of progression since the first level was hard and then it tapered off into easier levels which made the overall experience feel more streamlined, I don't if that's a bad thing but the game felt very good. Awesome job with this! I really digged the story and how you approached the ending! :) Awesome job again

Thank you so much for playing and for giving me feedback, it means a lot! :)

I reaaally love the art of the game , the tight controls of the character and the soundtrack, also the U.I looks beautiful. Very awesome! 

Interesting game. I really like the animations and the soundtrack! Awesome!

Interesting game, but I do not know how to progress...

I really digged the visual! Nice game!

Nice little game! I would recommend to having left the Key  (once obtained of course) always visible as it should be part of the HUD..instead of having to point a light source to the end of the screen. Nice Job!

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Awesome mechanic and effects. I really enjoyed this game ! Maybe the best game in this game jam!

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I reeally like the idea, nice job! Although the game's perspective makes it a  bit  too hard to progress...

Interesting little game, although I was not sure what the goal was...

thanks a lot for the feedback. I really appreciate it!

Joshua, thank you so much for playing my game!! I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for the feedback. And for playing my game :)

Thank you so much MetaBitly for having played my game! I'm thankful for your feedback! I'll  use your advice to improve my upcoming games! Thanks again! :) 

Thanks a lot for having played my game. You were really nice on it! hahaha 

Thanks a looot for playing my game and for the feedback!! I loved watching you play it!! I took out the confronting yourself part because I wasn't really sure how I would've gone about it without it simply being a poorly done dialogue. I'll take into account everything you said, thanks!

That's weird...I'll check it out. Thanks a lot for playing my game and for giving me feedback. <3

Thanks a lot for the feedback! And for playing my game :)

Thank you very very much for having played it! Your comment made my day! :)

Thanks very much for playing, my dude. Really appreciate it ❤️

thanks a lot for playing my game and for giving me feedback I really appreciate it!! Have a nice day :)

Duuude, I can't believe you played it again. You are awesome!! For real! Thanks a lot for the feedback you give me.

Btw, I just uploaded a new version, this one includes your tip of shaking the camera. I hope you enjoy it! Playing the game with it made me laugh quite a bit. Thanks a lot, that's all :)

I will implement that, it sounds neat! Thanks for the feedback, my dude!

Yo, man. Thanks a lot for giving my game a little bit of time from your day. It really means a lot to me! I understand your concern and im already working on improving the game quite a bit. Stay tuned!!