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Sorry to 'revive' after so long, but is this still in the works?

First and foremost my time was 564sec on first run [dunno i i'll play again, i don't find speedrunning games to fun :P] But for what it is i enjoy the game. If you ever fleshed this out maybe make minor puzzles to actually be able to claim each orb, and of course some other levels could be neat. Overall i like :3

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Hi there, been playing this recently and really enjoy the game, though part of mme has a few ideas but not sure how they would mesh with whatever plan you have long term for this (if any XD)

1) Skills to benefit nude gameplay: Ok maybe i haven't reached a point and they could be in here already, but when i added an upgrade the the 'lewd' stance i was hoping that it would also affect the 'nude' stance. Not to be pervy but with how gameplay is and the limit to 1 heal per battle, sometimes i find it easier to go nude a while and use LP 'magic' So maybe adding some upgrades to entice this playstyle would be cool, like expensive upgrades but they lower or remove the defense and offense debuff you get.

2) Panty last longer: I'm not sure if it is me and I'm doing it wrong, or what but i get grappled a lot in battle, combined witg the traps in the map (some of which i cannot avoid) i end up using the panties and then losing them soo quickly: maybe each only has 3 uses but they stack to 6 or 9 instead? Just idea.

3) Weapons: Now not sure how this could be updated, but i find weapons useless, I'm luckt if i get a few attacks in before they either break or i get grappled and lose them. The grapple part would be nice if they dropped on the floor and could be picked up again, not sure on durability.

overall a fun game, can't wait to see where it goes

Edit: So sorry if you got spammed with my comment, my phone kept saying 'error cannot post at this time' so i tried refreshing and trying again so ended up posting WAY TOO MUCH! really sorry about that, i think i deleted them all

A simple idea, actually just for your page, can you make an Update log? I would love to know what was fixed/changed each update so i know to see how the new/fixed feature works. Allows us to give better feed back on ideas.

That made RE4 inventory look amazing :P Fun game, but frustrating at somepoints.