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you need open port in your firewall or disable, if don't work i don't know, because this server its more for dedicated pc like in Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

you need host in a public ip, like a vpn to play whit your friend or hamachi ip. if you just host in your pc your friend cant connect.

I don't know man, check your windows firewall, your pc its don't communicating whit, you reinstalled the game right ?

seconds to load, if don't loading you have some problem, Internet connection or try reinstall the game. i don't know. the image don't is important, if don't load this ok but your name its important, your user name load in same time load your id. I updated the game, now show screen when is loading your data, and if have some error whit this, are show on your screen.

tree are floating when spawn, because your terrain quality is on low(200), and about jump yea that jump its don`t cool, but for now,I will try make movement more cool and smooth (:

To pass through the windows you need jump and crouch like cs-go, and this animations its cool add this, and tree yea i want add more tree models,colors. thanks for your suggestions.

I tested here and its working, in your screenshot don't showing your user image and your user name, you need wait your image and name to connect.

Is not dead, and its not a bug, i cant host a server, is expensive, if you want play whit other people, you need host your own server, for now in this alpha, Sorry ):

Game like this Unturned on Steam, or roblox I dont know.

Just Some Things on graphics, but its a survival game and  Ravenfield its more like battlefield.

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No, its need a specific build for mac

I don't know, because after i make some thing new on the game, i need test and i cant test in mac,  I will try make version for mac,linux, and mobile devices soon, but for now i cant, sorry ):

No, its just for windows, sorry i cant make a version for mac, for now

This menu is for now is disabled, and this crash i don't know, when you click in "report bugs", open a page in your default browser. Thanks for report

Thanks, I fixed coming in next update (:

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This is like unturned some things, like graphics, but unturned its zombie survival game, this is much more than just survival game.

I see, you need extract server files, out of game folder, and click on RunServer.bat,And you play on app, if you want see what is this RunServer.bat what his do, just right click and "Edit", his just execute  BeyondworldServer.exe in batchmode and run out of your graphic card, and its recommended you download new version of the game and serverfiles

sorry  don't send your post notification, but yea i want make a gameplay and server tutorial, sorry again.

I can't see your video.

I think you want play in your own server right, to show your server in server list you need find in "ServerConfig.ini" this options : 

RegisterMaster =  and if your server is a public server put this true

DedicatedServer = and if your server is a public server put this true too

you can see more about this, here

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To run your own server you need download in your browser here, and select "" download, after this extract the files and to configure your server you need open ServerConfig.ini, after you need execute RunServer.bat and is ready for play, but if you want play whit your friend you need download this file in a VPS or use hamachi or another thing like that

NameServerYour Server Name
IpServerUse your public ip or use to local server
Server PortUse the default port or use anyone you want 
MaxPlayerMax Player allowed to join in your server
MapThis is for set the game map RougIsland(Main Map), DevMap
RegisterMasterUse to register in server list
DedicatedServerif the server is dedicated server, if the server is local put false
PasswordADMTo login remotely, you can administrate server in client
SendRateThis just is how fast  server send and receive message 
MaxPingMax Ping is allowed in your server
ServerDescriptionYour Server Description to show in server list
ModedIf you want use plug-ins(not available)
ApiKeyTo use authentication(not available)

Yea, the game is not in a good stage to play, and i trying fix this resolutions bugs. thank you for send me a feedback.

To download client, you need download in app, and server files in browser, to download file servers go, and click on "download now", click in "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" and download server file

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Its to expensive to me host a dedicate server, if you want host your own server you are need download server files, you can download here. download server files whit your browser. for now its the only way to play multiplayer, i want host official servers but for now I can't.

I don't know, but you say server prompt command, or to write kill like i say,if yes F1 in game to open console. I don't understand your question.

I think you are in void, you need press F1 and write kill,  this is a bug on collisions, i working to fix this, and map is green because i need remake map image, if the blue screen is not void, try disable color correction, have problems whit some video cards.  Sorry for that.

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CommandDescriptionOnly in
login "Server Password"Use to Client Administrate ServerClient
additem "Item-ID"  "Quantity"Used To Add Items to your InventoryServer/Client
additemall "Item-ID"  "Quantity"Used To Add Items to everybody on server
settime "12"Used to change time on server or singleplayerServer/Client
stopUsed to Close/Stop ServerServer
banplayerid "Id To Ban"Used to Ban Player By id or Username From ServerServer/Client
kickUsed to kick player from serverServer/Client
say "message"Used to sand message to all player Server/Client
horseUsed to Spawn HorseClient
killUsed to SuicideClient
Coming soonComing soonComing soon

To use this commands Press F1 on you keyboard. and if you are using dedicated server, put on cmd console.

Don't use "" on console just use like that  EX:login 1234

Ak47 = 0
Chest = 1
Ammo = 2
GunPowder = 3
WoodFundation = 4
WoodWall = 5
WoodDoorAway = 6
WoodRoof = 7
WoodStair = 8
WoodWindow = 9
WoodDoor = 10
Torch = 11
CampFire = 12
HatChet = 13
Wood = 14
PickAxe = 15
M4-A1 = 16
Knife = 17
Uzi = 18
Charcoal = 19
Bandage = 20
Mp5 = 21
L11(REMOVED) = 22
CloathHelmet = 23
CloathShirt = 24
CloathPens = 25
CloathFoot = 26
WoodPlank(REMOVED) = 27
Stone = 28
IronOre = 29
SulfurOre = 30
SulfurPowder = 31
IronIngot = 32
Furnance = 33
M9Gun = 34
Cloth = 35
SleepingBag = 36
Meet = 37
MeetCooked = 38
MedKit LV-1 = 39
HandPickAxe(REMOVED) = 40
StoneAxe = 41
Apple = 42
C4-Explosives = 43
ExplosivesBar = 44
ShotGun Shell = 45
.9mm Ammo = 46
HoloSight = 47
GunFleshLight = 48
ReflexSight(ON HOLD) = 49
Silencer = 50
BoltRifle = 51
MetalPLate = 52
DesityFuel = 53
AnimalFat = 54
Dirt = 55
Shovel = 56
LearningTable = 57
Ak-47 BluePrint = 58
M4 BluePrint = 59
BoltRifle BluePrint = 60
c4 BluePrint = 61
ExplosiveBars BluePritn = 62
HoloSight Buleprint = 63
IronHatch Blueprint = 64
Medkit=l4 BluePrint = 65
Mp5 Blueprint = 66
PickAxe BluePrint = 67
Rifle Ammo Blueprint = 68
Shotgun Ammo BluePrint = 69
Shovel Blueprint = 70
Silencer Blueprint = 71
Magnum .44 = 72
ToolBox = 73
Locker = 74
Grenade = 75
Grenade BluePrint = 76
Locker BluePrint = 77
SupplyGrenade = 78
AcogSight = 79
80 to 85 are Just For DataBase(Stone Builds)
Hammer = 86
Lazer = 87
Acog BluePrint = 88
Lazer BluePrint = 89
WoodBow = 90
Hammer BluePrint = 91
Magnum .44 BluePrint = 92
Flare = 93
ArrowAmmo = 94
StonePickAxe = 95
Mossberg = 96
Mossberg BluePrint 97
FireAxe = 98
kevlar Helmet = 99
kevlar T-Shirt = 100
kevlar Pens = 101
kevlar Boot = 102
kevlar Vest(Armor) = 103
Leather = 104
kevlarBoot BluePrint = 105
kevlarHelmet BluePrint = 106
kevlar Vest(Armor) BluePrint = 107
kevlarPens BluePrint = 108
kevlar T-Shirt BluePrint = 109
FireAxe BluePrint = 110
WoodShelter = 111
RedBerry = 112
BlueBarry = 113
BlackBarry = 114
Narcotic = 115
White Flower = 116
Leaf = 117
Tranq-Arro = 118
SpoiledMeat = 119
Egg = 120
FlowerGel = 121
ON HOLD = 122
Refrigerator = 123
ScrapMetal = 124
SmallBoat = 125
Rope = 126
IceCube = 127
CleanWater = 128
DirtyWater = 129
SaltWater = 130
EmptyBottle = 131
Empty .357 = 132
Empty .762 = 133
Empty 9mm = 134
Empty Shells = 135
EmptyCan = 136
MetalPipe = 137
PropaneEmpty = 138
ScrapJarryCan = 139
ScrapWheels = 140
TrashBluePrint = 141
TrashCloth = 142
Brick = 143
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You need create Shortcut of BeyondWorld Server.exe, and  on mouse right-click on properties, add this " -batchmode -nographics",  with white space between Beyondworld Server.exe" and  -batchmode.

its gonna be like this, below.  "C:\Users\NAME\Desktop\Beyondworld-server\Beyondworld Server.exe" -batchmode -nographics

and run Beyondworld Server - Shortcut.exe

More here

Sorry For that, I already Fixed This, Just Update your Game and Play, Thanks (:

Sorry For that, I already Fixed This, Just Update your Game and Play, Thanks (:

You can Post Here your video about game. (: 

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You can Report bugs here. thanks (;