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Can u download it on macOS

A topic by Razorwing3000 created Aug 22, 2018 Views: 78 Replies: 13
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Will the game work if I download it on Mac OS 


No, its just for windows, sorry i cant make a version for mac, for now

When u can make an version for Mac


I don't know, because after i make some thing new on the game, i need test and i cant test in mac,  I will try make version for mac,linux, and mobile devices soon, but for now i cant, sorry ):

Thats ok

Is this game similar to Ravenfield


Just Some Things on graphics, but its a survival game and  Ravenfield its more like battlefield.

Also sorry for bothering u but what will happen if I download it on Mac. Will the game run?

Developer (1 edit)

No, its need a specific build for mac

ok thanks

Do you have any suggestions for games?


Game like this Unturned on Steam, or roblox I dont know.


Thanks for ur help. Ill probably donate to u when the macOS version comes out