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Dark Devotion

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Hey CoalFire, we've seen your video with great pleasure. That was so much fun. All the team send you kisses. Keep up the good work <3


Hey Mikey, thanks a lot for your feedbacks and support. I'm watching your video! <3 <3 <3

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Explore and contemplate the insides of a fallen Temple. Measure your value and your bravery through the deep shadow.

Take part into rageous and bloody fights in which your opponents won't do you any favours. Be prepared to face foes that you won't forget. And remember, enemies as well as the Temple itself will want to strike you down : each and every fight is a duel to the death in which the slightest error may cost you your life.

Everything you need to know and the demo are there:

Dark Devotion

Our Kickstarter is launched, I would love to have your feedbacks.
check it out! :)


Thanks for your interest, if you have any questions do not hesitate!

Hibernian Workshop team