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Dark AshFur

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i m really curious what is happening because my game is running normal here the only bug i get so far is passing through solid material and falling outside of the map 

sorry for my delay i dont get any notification anyways 

thanks for the awnser and well i wish you luck 

i m seeing so much errors problems all around but i dont have any lucky me i guess ?

any hint when we will see the other characters ? 

hey indivi what do you think about adding something about oviposition there already the slime on the game but i guess would be nice to see more around and about the other kinks too the ones we dont see much around not in the new areas but on the areas already on the game

also nice touch on the Island looks fantastic keep up the good work <3

hope we can get something this 2022 your game are unique at least i dont find anything like this around the new projects and games

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just a question this game or just a free build i want to see more 

edit: holy i probably high when i wirite this comment anyways my original question was if this is just a free release or the fully game because there only 1 scene but now with the new update i guess i already have the answer 

I wish I could see more games or content like that I hope this project goes forward

okay also i guess its a internet in the download too that day i download that my internet was instable anyways i m loving the game 

the only way to loss the save file is deleting in the internal cache files or it get too old for the actual ver of the game what i guess its really hard to mess up

i've been following this remake for a while and the size of the file dont grow much also its really light but something are making more slow the process to download and extract 

I just came to advise that now its nothing but if this continue to extend maybe in the future can be a problem 

also love the r30 great work 

a big fish she will be pleased even call you to be at her side and eat 

i cant wait for the ver 30 <3 

i really like the game i wonder why aren't more people interested 

I incredibly got to this game because of the style of having this guild management not because the girld XD 

but anyways i just wanted to see more mechanics its a good game sadly i dont have more choises to made its like i m not the character its somebodyelse 

hope it gets more notoriety


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Indivi there a problem 

i get take down by an infected scientist and this error shows up so i check the files and this png don't exist in the archives still i dont know what happens just sending

if the problem has already been solved in the new version just let me know 

btw just asking because i dont have one and neither the money for one

this is a VR game ? if yes its only vr or we can play without it ?

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there a thing i really dont see in my playthrough xwx 

how can i get a sex with cumflation ? 

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Yay owo and thanks 

hmmm now that the fawn story has ended which will be the next one to start indivi ? i guess it will be the parasite (not only because its my favorite in the old and original one (e.e)) and talking about the furute do you have any plans to put new content like a new story line or something extra ? i know its far and no promises but can we dream about it ? qwq

well i say because idk if you know but there another game pathologic 2 and he has alot of text too but one guy of the community have translated all alone to my language and i already see that in the hud and text of another games and i know for you alone is a heavy work to do thats why i m curious if you open for the people do something or just leave as only english 

for me the game is perfect after all I understand and write in english very well but for some friends they dont know english good as i do 

by the way I was even amazed at the amount of friends who like text-style games like yours and they really like your game for me what really attracted me to this game was the visual but in the what make me still was the story all i can say is you do a great job in the two parts 

yeah XD 

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me waiting for the v21 on 2020 and only getting in 2021 

"I wait 1 year for this ver of the game" xwx

hey indivi i m curious about one thing , do you have any plans for any translations ?

of course after you finish the remake or maybe earlier ? 

wait until 21.0 in the logs he says "finished fawn quest line" so i guess you can go to her in that ver of the game

I'm very excited to see the remake ready so many lines of stories, of all the text games this is my favorite i really want to see how the lab history goes 

well still in development so you will miss some things but you still have most of the  content of  the old lust doll i  guess , most of them are part of the story and some scenarios i hope more parts of the history lines gets finish 

in the original you need to masturbate in several bathrooms around New Ark City but idk if it are already put   in the remaster 

thanks maybe the guy who post this game from the other site i download mess up with the screenshot and put screenshots dont belong the remaster 

hm so the parasite nest is a different location from the desert base also what i know about the event of  laboratory i see in the wiki and that says i need just the parasite on my body from lost any confront on desert base maybe because i dont unlock the parasite nest they dont trigger yet anyways thanks gunsruth <3

hey indivi or anyone who knows any info about what i m about to ask i spend really much time playing also THANKs for this remaster i really love it but still i dont read all comments and dont see any info about how much of the game still left to finish btw i m newbie here thats wat i want to know how much content i can play for now ? i m asking this because i see screenshots of the meat parasite nest but i  m not able to get in and events like the laboratory i dont get it  and when i end up here i see its a remaster and still in development so if someone can help me out I will be very grateful again thanks indivi for making this remaster  its so good much better than the original even if still in development