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Yes as the other commenter said it's E and M, and you need to have enough essence to enter it!

Super cool visuals and the dimension transition effect was really great! However the platforming was very slippery, which made these parts not very fun. Still, really good job with the mechanics and art!

Yoo, this looks very cool! I really love the effects and art. Unfortunately, it's really performance heavy and plays at about 5 fps xD (I recommend adding a downloaded version, will probably help a lot with that.) So while it's not super playable, I really like the concept and visuals! Good job :)

This is great, fun levels and cute art! Loved the idea of dinosaurs with dimensional umbrellas :D

A very fun puzzle game, liked the implementation of the theme! Difficulty also felt right, though the last level proved too difficult for me xD

Took me a long time to figure out everything and finish the game, but it felt very satisfying when I pieced everything together! Great game, and the art is just amazing :D

Very fun and polished, great music and effects! It's pretty hard but really fun!

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Current world record: 01:47.22 by sr1gyy

Let me know (+screenshot for proof) in this thread if you beat it and I'll update! 

Yeah that makes sense, thanks for the reply! (and no, the fuel didn't run out, your UI is fine :)

I really enjoyed it, fun art, controls and idea! The level design was also really good.

Pretty fun! I couldn't manage to aim precisely for the target planet and when I tried to correct the direction later it didn't respond, but the concept itself is nice and I loved the trail effect and planets position!

Hurray, finally it works for someone! xD thanks for playing!

I really like how you added the concept of the broken items and item combinations! Very fun :)

A very fun survivor game with nice difficulty progression and art! I feel like it was a bit too easy though because the golems have such a long attack animation

So you did get an impossible part? Oof, I still can't find the issue, everything plays fine on my end on the exported version too... x.x

Do you remember which point was it? Was it the one with the "The Great Fall" text? (I'm trying to figure out if that bug was at that same spot for everyone)

Thanks! Btw, did you encounter any issues with parts that got you hardlocked like the other two commenters did? Or was it possible but just hard?

It was very fun and polished, great particles and sound effects! It did get a bit repetitive though, but fun nonetheless!

A cool game with really awesome pixel art and nice music! At least to me it was really hard and the upgrades were pretty expensive, but it was still very fun!

A very fun archery game with lovely art! It's pretty difficult but in a fun way. I loved the realistic implementation of taxes! xD

A nice game with cute art! My only feedback is that the player's hurtbox too big, which made it quite frustrating at some points. Overall very nice!

A very fun game, nice implementation of the restriction. Everything felt polished, and the art is very nice. Good job!

the third attempt in that video is how it should always be

Okay yeah that's a bug, the bird should spawn much farther away

Yeah seems so... It's weird though because my first version had some places where you got hard-locked, but I had several playtesters who all beat the last version without issues. Sadly I can't fix anything now that the voting period started, but I'll look into it

did you use the poison pool right before the fall? If yes there should be enough time to move the other to safety too

that's weird, do you remember at what point it happened?

woops... Do you remember at which part did it happen?

nice, will try the game out soon!

I feel like I'm asking this a lot lately, sorry, but any chance for a linux build? ;)

yeah but the jam's theme is cozy

Anyways good luck with whatever you make

cozy horror game then? xD

Linux builds are different than windows one, they require different files and stuff and a different export from within unity... Idk why it says it's also for Linux but you gotta export a different version...

Try following this guide I found with a Google search:

Anyways thanks for taking the time :)

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Hey, the game looks cool and I would like to check it out, however you only included a windows version... Any chance for a Linux one too? In most game engines it's just a matter of seconds and it makes the game more accessible to others like me who don't use windows!

Thanks! :)

Any chance for a Linux build?

Any chance for a Linux build? Thanks

hey, thanks for playing! If you use godot, this is the tutorial I followed:

A nice polished top down shooter! It was pretty hard as the AI didn't move at all and the enemies are very fast, but I still enjoyed it! Also the art was very nice!

nah it's fine, I didn't mean the lack of gameplay as a bad thing, in this case it fits!

A great atmospheric game with an intriguing story! There was barely any gameplay but that wasn't a problem as the art and story were so nice! Love the twist at the end, and the AI generated art really tied it all together!