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I am very happy someone complimented my background I am very proud of it, I think the parralaxing makes you feel like you are in a 3D world. Because of the short time I had to make this I forgot to add something to show you what to press in order to get the color you wanted, but I will fix it after the jam!

Thank you!!

Thanks a lot for the review!!

Great job, you are actually giving colors to the word, that is a clever theme interpretation, the game its a little buggy, you do get stuck on the wall if you are below him, also you have to move while on a turtle(I think it would feel better if the turtle would carry you), but great game! Very cool  stretching when jumping, it makes the character feel more fluid I liked it!

Great game I like your 3D models, but after loading the first present in the slay I couldn't figure out how to close the credits message, nothing seemed to work even on the controller.

Well my game got stuck when i reached 0 gifts, also the drones wouldn't collide with me the second time I tried the game

A VR version of it would be also great I think, good job

Thanks a lot for the review I appreciate it!

This game looks and feels a lot like overCooked! Great game!

Wow nice game, I had the same idea as you!

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Great game,  the controls are hard to understand at first but Imanaged to raise 65k!

Thank you,  and also good point, I have to make some kind of tutorial.

Google Chrome

I don't know if its because of me but I cant see any walls and somethimes I get stuck in them, the harpoons seems to do the same

Lovely game, cute art and nice music, It took me some time to get used to the controls but I liked your game!

Great art!

Ok, it makes sense now, great concept anyway you can expand on that!

Great game, I like how you can spend money on upgrades that helps you make money even faster.

I wasn't able to figure out what is the point of the heart and also i wasn't able to deal damage to the enemies, and when my hp goes down the game make a wierd sound and there is nothing you can do, I don't know if it's just me or everyone.

Lovely art, juicy sound efects and music, I enjoyed it good job!

Cute,  looks like we had similar ideas.

I don't know if its just me but the green guys don't move and I can't hit them.

Small game I made in 2 days for Yogscast Game Jam, since the theme was "Giving" and Christmas it's around the corner I made a game about delivering presents!


1: Red present

2: Blue present

3: Purple present

4: Green present


Spread joy to the kids around the world, dont waste any gifts or miss any houses because the kids  will get sad!


Thanks a lot! I am very happy my game makes you feel that way! It means a lot to me. I finished an update with some fixes and some difficulty changes, I will post it soon!

I am working on balancing the game, I made a new wave system and it think it feels better than before , I will also change the final boss a little bit, regarding the finite number of hits, i was thinking maybe hits would consume mana but i am not sure right now, i never played ziggurat, but i was inspired from Nuclear throne

Intresting game, but with the link your provided every time the camera moves some lines appear on the screen and i am pretty sure is not something intentional

The base mechanic of your game it's really cool, nice sound efects, cute pixel art but the character's walking animation doesn't feel natural I think it's because the head doesn't move at all in a walk cycle, and also regarding the shadow, I think the shadow should be visible only on the ground that means only the bottom side of the circle representing the shadow of the player, and also I think it shouldn't change when the player  is walking because if the light source is above his head the shadow stays the same. But overall I enjoyed playing your game, good job!!


Thanks! I am working on some difficulty changes to make my game feel more ballanced!

Thank you for your review, I am happy you had fun playing my game!!

Thank you! I plan to expand, to add more enemies, bosses, upgrades etc!

I liked the mechanic of you game ,I also managed to finnish it, it's quite short but I am sure you can expand on that, juicy sound efects I liked those, regarding the controls I think that jumping while you hold the arrow key would feel better than having to press it quickly! Anyway good job!!!

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Well, thank you for the kind words I am  happy you enjoyed and reviewed my game, "jurney" is a spelling error I will fix it right away,  about the theme interpretation, I didn't take "leaps and bounds" literally, the term cand also mean something that is evolving quickly like the little mage from my game, who is constantly upgrading in order to face harder enemies.

Nice game, quite hard but i liked it!

Cool graphics , but i think the lighting its too bright and when you get closer to an orb its hard to see where is it, also its quite difficult to lose, to be honest before reading the comments I wasn't aware of the fact that if you don't collect orbs your light fades away, maybe you can make this more clear using some UI elements.

I am glad you played my game, thanks a lot for the reply!

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Thank you for taking your time to review my game, I agree with you,  my game is very unballanced and the problem is i did little to no playtesting but thank you all guys for pointing out what you enjoyed and what needs more work ! Your comment means a lot to me  I will keep working on my game but unfortunately I was informed that  I am not able to update my game until the rating period ends. I think i will post the updated version on newgrounds(when its ready)and if you want you can check it out and tell me if I am going in the right direction!

Awersome game I enjoyed it ,  what I disliked was the fact that after you die in a lvl it takes you back to the levels menu, it makes more sens to me to automatically resart the level when you die without requiring you to press r 

I coudn't reach level 2 because every time I die i start from the begining.