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Thanks, good speccy game. I love platform games.

Another arcade conversion for our Amiga !
Good :)

Simple but captivating arcade game.

Congratulations for the excellent conversion!

Thanks You, nice 

Great !
Amiga arcade conversion grow :)

Thank You so much for this other great arcade port.
Amiga users are very happy with your games.

fpga64 core has been updated with Magic Desk CRT support

Just tried but the cart has problems (no sound and locks with garbled graphics on title menu). The Core needs to be updated with Magic Desk format support.

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On C64 Ultimate it works as due. I played it until Stage 3.

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Thank You very much for this new great game,
tried the file on C64 Core for MiST but it doesn't work.
On WinVICE no problems.

Thank You so much for this new sequel Sarah !

Perfect ! Now the game is ok on C64 Core for MiST ! Many many thanks, you are great !

Many thanks, go to test !

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Great conversion and playability, congratulations !

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Maybe a GS64 Cartridge type as original Soul Force could solve the problem ?

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Tested with REU and JiffyDOS disabled, same problem at level 6.

Both Snow Force and Soul Force X stop with the screen showed up at level 6.

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REU option disabled, as I use it only for Sonic the Hedgehog. I have to try to disable jiffydos, but I don't know in which manner it can affect the crt game. Original Soul Force doesn't have this problem.

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PAL, I have however tested the game on TheC64 and Real C64 + Ultimate2+ cartridge without problems. So I think it could be a bug related to fpga64 core for MiST. But I remember that the original Soul Force had this bug on VICE 2.4, then it was fixed. Now it is present on Soul Force X after level 5 for now only on MiST:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hello Sarah, many thanks for this Xmas edition of Soul Force. I played 2 x times the Soul Force X and the game go out with a screen of characters at Level 5 and 6.
Is it the same problem that occured with original Soul Force crt on VICE 2.4 ?
I played then original Soul Force and no problem, even if until now I reached only 12th level.
May you take a look ? Thanks.

Many thanks for this great superb port of a classic arcade game 

Many thanks, really great shoot'em up for Amiga.

On Vampire V4 standalone only CD32 version works and only under standard AROS rom, I tested it with Kick 3.1, 3.x (45.064) and 3.1.4 but no way. WHDLoad version shows only a black screen.

Tested on real Amiga 1200 + Blizzard IV game works perfectly.

Try new updated version release yesterday.

Ok, many thanks.

I think not, because TheC64 is VICE 2.4 based, and on a PC I tested that this version doesn't run the game properly at boot.

I tried to convert BIN in OCEAN format with CartConv.exe from Vice 3.1 binaries but no success.

So, actually You can play this excellent game only on VICE 3.1 or Real C64 hardware. I played it on my C64C + Ultimate II cartridge.

You are welcome

CRT version works on VICE 3.1, not on 2.4,

You have to convert first in BIN format and then in CRT Ocean one. Use Cartconv from VICE 3.1 archive.

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Ok, I converted it in a format compatible with old VICE.

Many thanks for this great C64 release !

Yes, it works ;)

Purchased the game in digital download, really great game !
CRT file seems doesn't work. Tested on Vice 2.4.