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The sequel to my point and click adventure game, Black Friday.

It's been twenty years since the incident, but the killer scarecrow has finally come back. Will this brand new group of five teenagers be able to accomplish what their predecessors failed to do, and rid the world of this pumpkin-headed scarecrow once and for all, or will they end up barely surviving a traumatizing event that will haunt them for the rest of their lives?

A homage to the slasher movies of the 80s in the form of a point and click adventure game, with some gameplay elements reminiscent of the Clock Tower series. With multiple endings, longer puzzles, and a deeper story, this is sure to please any fan of adventure games, horror, or slasher movies in general.

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Sorry about that, and thanks for telling me.

By knowing what people struggle on, I know what to avoid in the future.

I'm glad you liked the game.

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Private Detective

Private Detective is a procedurally generated murder mystery game, where you must solve randomly generated crimes by finding leads, questioning suspects, and gathering evidence from the crime scene to compare with samples found in the homes of the suspects. It plays a lot like an adventure game, but with a lot more deduction and a lot less inventory object puzzles.