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it goes suprisingly well tbh we aint heading any major bugs as well as it seems like we are almost done. Probably the last 20 hours only one of us can continue to work on the game means that he is our last hope :P 

Oh, that's cool, but I'm sorry to dissapoint you, I'm from germany

haha no (i just came up with it 3 years ago), what would it mean on rumanian? im curious!


in 72 hours lmao lets gooo

gl hf

Thank you!

love your game! We had a deal, now its your turn  Sort It Out!

bro i love this one! pls continue on this game! if not i will xD Im lovin it!

rated fairly, i hope you'll do the same.  Sort It Out!

well executed, but it felt like its easier to jump with space then with "w"

uhm.. hey, i really like your game and want to move good games up the leaderboard. Don't you think that some games definetly don't deserve their place in the top 20? Yes, we aswell. We'd appreciate if you could help us as we think our games deserve a better place than that. thanks in advance :D

tbh i love this game! 

rated yours fairly, i hope you'll do the same.  Sort It Out!

it was possible, if you sticked to the top right white wall

i would love a second level tho

Deal! rated now your turn. Sort It Out!

next time i would delete the player and instantiate a player die version (which has the rigidbody pixels) , like currently it most likely be the reason of the low framerate yk

Deal! rated now your turn. Sort It Out!

amazing game overall!

rated fairly, here is mine Sort It Out!

nice game!

Thank you so much! 

Thank you very much!

Simplistic. but the collisions are weird like the hitbox of the spikes..

Maybe a more readable font? for the future xD

I would love to see where this game is going but for now its weird with his "prototypie" art. Nice game experience tho!

wonderful game experience you deserved place 1!

Sometimes the Stage design felt weird, like in stage 5 on the right side you expect to be able to sneak below the box, but you cant :c

wonderful experience, i would just love a cleaner character controller because i found myself colliding at places i should not to

May you like to play Sort It Out!

I'm worry about people just give all 1 star because they think they're game Is better 

tipp: never spam "space" while playin :P 

Check my game out! GameName 
Its 2d and about rick-rolling. idk xD

Post your game inhere (only if you think its worth it), and people will hopefully see your game inhere, without this rate 4 rate sh*t. Be kind! 

ya rated as well, sorry for the delay xD

Thank youuuuu

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