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XP cheat sheet coming soon…

Hideaway/Haven form fillable worksheet now avaible for download. 

Wandering Monster form fillable worksheet now available for download.

v1.2 also decreses low and med med quality file sizes.

Update files (v1.2) now uploaded clarifying Chemist rules.

Thank you! PS I have a Cabin Fever submission, Man the OSR, which is also free right now. Grab one as a thank you!

Just checking. Jam is over, so I thought I would give it a shot. TY! Sorry for being a pest....

the hook of the keelhauled just has a “d” with no number after

Are these all gone?

Is this project still updating or is it complete? 

Any answer to this please?

Any answer to this please?

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If you purchase from LuLu, does that qualify you for a PDF here to be added to itch account?

Here is how to do this:

Is the hardcover gone from LuLu?

This is very cool. Thx. Any chance of uploading single page version? Like was done with issue 1? It is very hard to print out your own zine using spreads. Thx again!


An “investigations addendum” PDF would be super cool on this.

Any news on the physical cards and deliverables from the Kickstarter campaign that funded this? Perhaps an update due for the folks over there on this? TIA.

Has this been updated to match UVG 2nd Edition?

If we funded the Physical when will we get access to the digital version please?

physical copy anytime soon?

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Any Plans for a Physical Version?

Seem like they just got in soft cover? (Which I already own...)

any plans for this?

Print version of this planned?

Is their a Discord for Primal Quest?

it seems like a Shield is also the warriors key item. There are item slots for both of these with regular and bulky circle boxes on the character sheet. How does this work? Does the shield get entered twice on the sheet for the warrior? Do you only check two of the four circles for the two slots? Can other players but warriors get shields? Please explain and thx for such a cool game.

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Is their any plan for a physical print run of this?

I really Like the Character Portraits on the second page. Are these from somewhere else? Or where they developed/designed for this? 

Is there plans for a physical version of this?

This package of material is a really good piece of work. It is really worth checking out. The design is well done and the supplemental material really adds to giving a GM something they can work with at the table. I will update with a reply after I have run this. 

Hey all, we have some great subs coming in. Seven days left, keep em comming!

Astro is putting us all to shame. Get up on it. Thanks for getting us rolling Astro!

@Karl Druid. This is really great. I have used it many a time. Do you think there is any possibility of adding more classes in the future?


I do! Really helps with booklet printing. Please consider and thx!

hey everyone, check out this:

A MB adventure by these folks. If that takes it will help get this bad boy in print. 

Is this the current update? Other sources of print being considered?


We so need a print copy.