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I noticed you have a small handful of things posted on your page, I was wondering if you thought any of those might particularly be a better example. Or conversely, if you have anything in the works that you may want me to review as well.

Hey Michael, I had just made an attempt to do a play through of An Evening Alone and was super confused on how to play. Will attempt again soon, but I happened to notice both that game and Imaginary were cancelled projects. I was wanting to know what you thought would be the single best piece for me to pick up, play and review. I've made my videos a lot more focused on being critical (fair though, and not mean) and I know you had mentioned that you appreciate the criticism as well. If you'd prefer to hmu on Twitter btw, you can find me @DannyVNCR.


Well, I would to play and review the full version as well when it comes out. So I'll be sure to keep you appraised on that.

Did it break? I had no idea. I totally thought that was just what was supposed to happen based on the narrative leading to that moment.

I mean hell, if that's the case, I'd be glad to give it a second go round and actually review the whole game. I have your game An Evening Alone in my queue as well and I'll probably be giving it a play in the next couple of weeks or so. I actually do really appreciate the artistic direction of your works, from what I have seen so far.

Let me know if you have any other examples that you think show your talents well and I'd be happy to review them. If you want to be kept up to date today, I post videos nearly every day on my channel as well and give previews to each review I'll be doing next in the proceeding videos as well. A subbie or following me on Twitter would let you know when I get to both of those reviews, if it pleases you.

Cheers mate, have a good evening!

Here was my play through, for anyone who would like to watch it. Cheers!

I personally wasn't particularly crazy about this game and I think it had a lot of short comings. With that said, it did also have a lot of interesting ideas that I think are worthy of pointing out. For instance, the turn based timing (while I think could have been applied much better) I thought was an interesting a creative idea. Also, the sound design for an indie horror game for the most part, was pretty excellent. Coming from me, that's really saying something. Here is my video play through, if anyone cares to watch it. Cheers!

Neat little indie horror. Here is my play through of it.

I actually had a copyright claim against my play through of this because of the music. I won the claim, but I thought it was interesting. Cheers!

Gave it a shot

My Let's Play play through:

EXCELLENT indie horror title. I really never comment on these and instead, let my video reviews do the talking for me, but goddamn, I had a lot of fun with this one. I'm very excited to see the full version (if there will be one) and what else you'll develop in the future! Kudos!

If anyone would like to watch my Let's Play as well, here it is. The bass response got a little f*cked up, but that was my editing software, not the game itself: