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Hey Michael, I had just made an attempt to do a play through of An Evening Alone and was super confused on how to play. Will attempt again soon, but I happened to notice both that game and Imaginary were cancelled projects. I was wanting to know what you thought would be the single best piece for me to pick up, play and review. I've made my videos a lot more focused on being critical (fair though, and not mean) and I know you had mentioned that you appreciate the criticism as well. If you'd prefer to hmu on Twitter btw, you can find me @DannyVNCR.


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hey Danny,

lol that's a pretty tough pick... they both have issues lol. Imaginary is more of a slog to play through if your not up for the visual novel type of game... and an evening alone is missing a lot; from story text, to audio... but is more of a game. I have no idea lol to be honest. I guess imaginary, it's complete with more direction than the other. Thanks again for taking an interest again bt 👍👍 it's really appreciated 🤗

I noticed you have a small handful of things posted on your page, I was wondering if you thought any of those might particularly be a better example. Or conversely, if you have anything in the works that you may want me to review as well.