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I'm glad you had such a weird, fun game! Especially in the "off season" for Christmas stuff

Thanks for the shout out! And more importantly, thank you for promoting the bundle!

I think that's a really neat way to do things! I like the idea of using rituals in a specific way to guide to the story's progression. I'll think about that for this year's update.

I think I can make that happen! Was there anything in particular you needed or thought should be there but wasn't?

I made a file for this game for use at Not the prettiest thing, but it should make online play a bit easier!

Very good game, I love friendships and relationships with complicated histories. I really liked the naming conventions too. Great character designs. Our Lady of Possibility is super cute, Seeker of a Just Night made me say "oh no, he's hot" when he appeared, and the Seeing One is a cool mysterious scarf mom.

Okay, but putting pride flags in the girls' eyes was the cutest little touch. Unless they were like that in the first game too, in which case pretend this is a comment on that game's page.

I also got this in a bundle and forgot it was a horror game XD. Very good game! Creepy, and sad, and a little sweet too.

I did an AP of this a while back and realized I never posted about it. It was a great time!

You're welcome?

6/5 stars. Needs possum though.

Thanks for putting this together!

I enjoyed this game. It's like a tower defense game where you're not just stationary, you have to move around the battlefield as enemies spawn from different locations. I would have liked to see the other modes a bit more, like getting to wander an area exploring or shooting from horseback, but it was still fun and decently challenging

Short, sweet, and a little bit sad. Well done for a first game! I'm looking forward to seeing the film it was based on too

Here's one for you! I took some liberties with the format and how much you're supposed to come up with and probably the tone a bit too but hopefully it's a good listening experience at least? In a sad way?

I brought this game because a "What TTRPG are you?" quiz said it was me, and hecking right it is.

Thank you for making this! I've been looking for more Dialect backdrops, and this one looks really good.