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Yay! I was able to finish the game. Thank yo so much for the update!! I loved the game; it was very well done. And I know I said this in my previous post, but I really loved the music in the game. 
Edit to add:  I forgot to mention I wasn't expecting there to be different ends, so that surprised me. I got the bad end.  xD   Also, as someone that is part of the LGBTQ+ community, I really appreciate the representation in this game!  <3  

I realized my last reply probably seems short and kind of rude maybe? I was just in a hurry and in no way was I upset or frustrated (quite the opposite; I appreciated your response). I just noticed the last update from 4 days ago. Sorry to hear about the problems you're dealing with. I know you said I could download the game on gamejolt, but I'd rather just wait patiently until you're able to update the game again. (Take your time).

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Hiya. I tried to play your game today, during a Twitch stream. I was really enjoying the game. However, I had (well, still have, as it has not been fixed) an issue with the game freezing on me. I went into the cafeteria, went and got the gun in the back room and killed the guy in that room. I left that room, but when I left the cafeteria to go into the hallway, the game freezes. I tried continuing from the checkpoint; I tried going back to the main menu and then hitting "continue;" I even closed the game, and reopened it, and whenever I hit "continue" I am still stuck, frozen in the hallway. The weird thing is (at least to me it is weird, idk), the  menu comes up when I hit Tab...but I still cannot move anywhere. 

Edited to add a couple of clips so you can see what occurred:

Unrelated to that issue, I still couldn't change  my keybindings, even though the dev note says it is available in options.  

I'm using Windows 10.   

Hello. I started playing your game today, for a Twitch stream. I really enjoyed it so far (and loved the music in the hospital section). However, when I'm in Mya's apartment and she  goes to answer her phone when Randall calls her from the hospital, the game keeps crashing. At first, I thought it was just an intentional crash, so I restarted the game. It started me back in the operation room, where the monster begins chasing Randall. When I got to the part where Mya answers her phone, it crashed again. 

I streamed this game today and really enjoyed it! The sound effects were great (and some were unsettling, but that's good in a horror game, haha). I really like the art style; the monsters are really creepy. I couldn't make a donation when I downloaded the game (lack of funds), but when I get some money, I will, because I think it is worth it. Good luck on the rest of the game; I look forward to playing the completed game once it is released. 

It's me, once more. So I played the game again today, in the stream. This time I actually completed the game. I did do the desktop capture and that seemed to help. However, I still had an issue with the game crashing when I clicked on my second monitor to type something in the stream chat. (It's early on in the stream).  
Thank you so much for letting me know that I hadn't completed the game the first time; so glad I got to finish it. I really enjoyed this game a lot.  Great job!  :)

I just noticed you followed me. Thank you!  <3 

Thank you. That is interesting; I will give it another try later this week. I will double check the OBS settings. 

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I played this recently on a stream. My only complaint is that it is so short. I loved the humor in it and the meta. And Sheska is such a cutie! The art style was also really great.  All around, I enjoyed this game. 

Edit to add:  One issue I did have, since I was playing on a stream, I had Twitch and OBS open on my second monitor and when I switched to type something in that monitor, the game froze and I had to start over. 

I played this (along with pt 1) on a stream a few days ago and I really enjoyed this game. I love the art style. I also thought the whole Twilight Zone-esque storytelling was great (and unique for a game). I look forward to playing more of your games in the future.  :)

I just finished streaming this game; I really enjoyed it a lot! The story was great; intriguing and creepy....just how I like it.  xD  And the artwork was fantastic; well done!!