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Hi there all, the game has been updated.

Know of a few D&D players sent them this to check out, tried it out myself liked it a lot, recently got into D&D and have been looking for games like this!

Link to game: (Screen shots inside link to game page.)

DW's Farm Adventure is a simple yet free to play farming game. This game is intended for people looking to have a chilled back time.

In this game you can plant/farm crops

Feed/produce eggs from chickens

Catch Fish

You can sell the crops, eggs, and fish to the Farm Supply store. 

I recommend reading the instructions on how to play the game when you get into the game, you will talk to a man at the front of your house. It is quite simple though

More will be hopefully added on in the future

Game time to complete can vary

Please enjoy the game

Thank you very kindly, I would take it you have tried the game, if not please feel free to give it a try and I hope you like it. :)

Hello all, I went and re-tuned some things causing monsters to deal more damage after most of their damage outputs where weak making the game too easy. Everything should be in order and fine now. I hope you like the game :)

If you do play the game, and encounter a bug or something that doesn't appear to be right please let me know this is why the game is in alpha testing

Hi everyone there was a small bug but it's now fixed and am re uploading the bug free game

Hello eveyrone, I do RPG games for fun as little projects, my current project is in alpha stage of development! This is my second game with my first being published on steam last year. I have learned a lot from my first game and have brought a fresh touch to my new game. Not all things are permanent in the game. I hope you give my game a try, it's only on windows for right now and the game download page has instructions on downloading the game but if you have any issues or questions please feel free to talk to me about them! 

Game link:

A little bit about the game:

Dragon War Tale of Fae, is a story/turn based combat RPG with four heroes some other features are 

-crafting/making items

-other characters to play as during story line

The game premise is there is years after peace was created between the dragons, elves, and humans the elder dragon was killed with the elder dragon killed the three council members of the elder dragon become corrupted with rage, and blame the humans, and elves. 

Take the fight back to the dragons, complete the amulet of tri in order to restore peace. 

Playable classes 





I really hope you enjoy the game, I hope to provide a fun gaming experience for fellow gamers.