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Thank you, it's clear now.

What is The Danger Clock? I couldn't find how and what we use it for.

Thank you so much for playing it and for your feedbacks. They will help me a lot!

Thanks, guys. If I really advance on this game dev journey, I'll consider using an alias. 

Hey all. 

I'm about to publish a demo for my first game. But I'm stuck on the username I should use here on itch and other places. I see some people using their real names, especially for tabletop RPGs, but is it a good thing?

What problems could I have if I use my real name? Should I use an alias?


Thank you very much again for your reply. I've updated my Visustella Plugins and it seems the issue is gone. Guess I was using really outdated versions.

Thank you for your reply. I guess I've figured out what happened. The problem is the game's resolution. As I can see, you have used the 1008 x 624 resolution. I'm using 1104 x 624. So, I've tried your reoslution on my game and voilá, the FPS has increased. But why just a few pixels more have this great impact on Visustella Battle Core Plugin, beats me.

Oh, and I've loved your game! Hope to see more projects from you soon.

How were you able to make your game have such great performance using Visustella Battle Core? When I use this plugin, the battle's FPS drops to 40, juts by enabling the plugin, when I'm using an integrated gpu.