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Thank you!

Hi, This is strange, I usually reply in a few days. I had it happen before that some emails go to junk-folder and I miss it. Could you shoot me a new email and let me know here when you have done it so I can keep an eye out in the junk-folder. Thanks!

I'm not sure what you mean. It can be used in any editor/engine that supports tilesets. License-wise you are allowed to use it in any program.

Thanks!  Characters I only have available for Unity at this moment:


Hi, Yes, I'm a freelancer, email me if you have questions.

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I just wanted plug my assets '2D Hand Painted Tilsets'.
This is high resolution fantasy tilesets for topdown projects. My Inspiration was mainly Zelda (Minish Cap to be specific)

Head over to my itch and have a look if you're interested:

All available in a bundle for a bit cheaper.

I would love to get some feedback what I can improve in future tilesets. Next tileset coming up is a  tilesets with a lot of new objects to compliment the other tilesets.

If interested in my art in general, you can check out my portfolio here:


Thanks for the interest. Yes, there are coming more tilesets, feel free to follow me and you should get an update when it happens.