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Unfortunately no, the Unity version is a character editor and not the same asset.

But with that said, this asset should work in Unity without a problem as it's just a normal sprite sheet/frames and is supported by most engines.

Please get in contact by email with the details and I'll see what I can do, thanks!

There are some masks in the PSD, so it would be possible if you have some experience with an editing software that support PSD. You might need some manual tweaking depending on the result you're after.

It can be used with anything that can use tilesets. But I think you're more specifically asking if it has variations for all 47 autotile options? If so, that answer is no, this tileset only have middle + inner corners + outer corners + and vertical/horizontal edges (13 in total).

There are tool that can convert to 47-tile tilesets, but I haven't tried so you would need to do some research on this.

I hope that answers the question, thanks!


Unfortunately, this isn't anything I'm planing to do. Sorry for the inconvencience!


You can contact me by email for any commission inquiries, you'll find my contact information on my website:

Yes you can. As long as the assets itself is not redistributed.

As you already figured out, when resizing a filter will be applied. This usually mean that there will be "half pixels" that will be interpreted on to a half transparent pixel.

What usually works best is using "nearest neighbor" for scaling down when you need clear and sharp edges.

Do you mean get these parts each with their own spritesheet? If so, while I get where you're coming from, it doesn't work in that way. Since it's not possible to put, for an example, a shirt right on top of the body because some parts of the shirt needs to be behind the body and some in front. It would require to go through all frames for all parts and manually edit them.

If you really need each part on their own sheet, email me and I can send them over, but they will be provided "as they are". You would need to make the appropriate tweaks.


Since doesn't have any specific engine attached to itself it's not possible to make customizable in the way the Unity ones are (which is using Unity's animation system and editor to animate and customize).

At the moment there is no ETA on the female spritesheets, sorry.

Feel free to follow me and you should get an update when there is a new release.

Sorry for late reply, I missed/didn't get any notification.

Yes, as mentioned there is sprite sheets included (in .png). GM also supports texture packed files I think (don't think it's native support though)

This is currently not possible as the spritesheets are packed with external tools (not photoshop). My best suggestion at the moment would be to create the sprite sheet exactly as you want them and manually make masks in software like photoshop  using wand tool or similar.

Sorry, but I hope that helps.

Thank you!

Not at the moment, but I put it up for future ideas.

Thank you! No ETA, but they're next.

Thank you!

Hi, This is strange, I usually reply in a few days. I had it happen before that some emails go to junk-folder and I miss it. Could you shoot me a new email and let me know here when you have done it so I can keep an eye out in the junk-folder. Thanks!

I'm not sure what you mean. It can be used in any editor/engine that supports tilesets. License-wise you are allowed to use it in any program.

Thanks!  Characters I only have available for Unity at this moment:


Hi, Yes, I'm a freelancer, email me if you have questions.

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I just wanted plug my assets '2D Hand Painted Tilsets'.
This is high resolution fantasy tilesets for topdown projects. My Inspiration was mainly Zelda (Minish Cap to be specific)

Head over to my itch and have a look if you're interested:

All available in a bundle for a bit cheaper.

I would love to get some feedback what I can improve in future tilesets. Next tileset coming up is a  tilesets with a lot of new objects to compliment the other tilesets.

If interested in my art in general, you can check out my portfolio here:


Thanks for the interest. Yes, there are coming more tilesets, feel free to follow me and you should get an update when it happens.