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Thank you

I see how to make a link to a trailer and make screen shots and cover image. But I don't see how to make is so that when someone hovers their mouse over my game, some gameplay footage plays. Many other games on do this so there must be a way. But for my game it is just a still picture unless you click on the trailer. How do you enable a moving picture for a cover image.

I think I see my mistake now. When I use a search box I don't get nearly as many results as when I use a tag.

Thank you for your fast reply. I fixed the spelling of asteroids. But even when I typed in every single key word except the title of the game, the game did not come up. "2d action fast passed free retro science fiction space "space shooter" asteroids" even that and the game does not appear. It is not lost in the other games. I looked over every game that came up and my game was not one of them.

My game is fully playable and released and I can't find it when I type in even 5 of my keywords. It will come up when I type in the full title, but otherwise it is very hard to search. What do you have to do to make a game searchable.

It now tells you to press enter.

Hi everyone,

It was pointed out to me that when you get the "level finished" message after beating a level, it does not say to press enter to go to the next level. I will soon fix this in an update, but in the meantime, you can just press enter.

Please let me know if there is anything else that could be improved in this game.